Three Principles For Proper Operation Of The Slag Vertical Roller MillDate:2019-09-03

Summary:Slag, ore dressing is in after the residue or smelting ore after. Slag as the mineral derivatives, processing the way it had become our distress. Slag if piled

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Slag, ore dressing is in after the residue or smelting ore after. Slag as the mineral derivatives, processing the way it had become our distress. Slag if piled up at random, not only will cause pollution to the environment, but also occupy the available land, so the effective treatment of slag imminent. The relevant personnel after the research, finally found a new use of slag. You only need a powder mill, it can be slag waste to treasure! Want to obtain the powder of high quality, the correct operation of slag vertical roller mill is very important. As a well-known vertical roller mill factory, SBM machinery to do a detailed summary for the customer.

control of iron and water mill very understanding of the structure and operation of equipment manufacturers in addition to material, plus some customer feedback, we summed up the material moisture did not deal with it will cause the occurrence of plugging material condition. Vertical roller mill powder raw material size is restricted by equipment feed size, once the material with iron, will cause the mill abnormal vibration . Therefore, the operation of the process in the cement production process, to do a good job of material drying and removing iron.

Principle two: realize the reasonable control of vertical milling machine working principle of grinding roller grinding pressure of the grinding roller material of have the aid of repeated rolling, the material in the middle of the grinding roller and the grinding disc by squeezing pressure to complete crushing mill process. Therefore, there is important influence on the stability of quantity and grinding roll of material particle size and type. Roller pressure is too large, will cause the host current increasing, increasing slag vertical mill energy consumption . Roller pressure is too small, will have an impact on mill production and work efficiency.

Principle three: fineness and particle level control according to different standards of the project needed, cement products also have different size requirements. As the main material of concrete, model distinguish and particle size of cement product also has strict standards. Slag vertical roller mill has a significant advantage is can be achieved on the finished material fineness regulation, guarantee the customer multi standard the demand for materials.

Above is the operating principle, SBM for your introduction of vertical roller mill. In the actual production, it is not difficult to find, the correct operation of slag vertical mill will greatly improve the production capacity, but also can ensure the powder quality, prolong the service life of equipment. If you encounter problems in production, can be mechanical consultation, we will provide the best solution for you.

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