Introduce Two Major Application Areas Of Slag PowderDate:2019-09-03

Summary:China is a big country of rich iron and steel slag resources, In advocating the circulation economy vigorously, the construction of a resource-saving and envir

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China is a big country of rich iron and steel slag resources, In advocating the circulation economy vigorously, the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society of today, the project potential and considerable economic benefit, to significantly improve the performance of concrete and durability, therefore, in recent years, China attaches great importance to the slag powder as active admixture applied technology. According to the requirements of national standard of slag powder and product characteristic, slag powder is mainly used in :

China cement industry production application first, cement and slag powder in cement in the market has been for many years ranked first in the world, but at present, the structural contradictions in China's cement industry is still very prominent, in accordance with the Scientific Outlook on Development and take a new road to industrialization requirements, but also has the big disparity industry overall technical level and the world advanced level, still need to make strenuous efforts.

Our country clearly put forward to encourage the promotion of slag fine grinding technology, the positive development of ready mixed concrete, the state industrial policy perspective, to encourage the promotion of the development of slag powder. In accordance with the provisions of national product quality standard requirements and use the experience of cement factory at present, content quality of slag powder in cement in 30 ~ 50%, not only will not affect the strength index of cement, other indicators, there will be significantly improved.

Application of the market in the premise of ensuring the quality and durability of concrete under stirring for second, blast furnace slag powder in concrete, reduce the cost of concrete is always concrete supplier to the pursuit of the goal. In recent years, blast furnace slag as important in ready mixed concrete admixture has been widely applied. Application of slag powder in concrete can spread so quickly, is mainly decided by the excellent performance of the concrete mixed with slag powder.

Slag powder to replace part of cement in concrete, the concrete strength can be increased, and improving the working performance of concrete, so can be used as an alternative products to reduce the dosage of cement for ready mixed concrete. It is reported that the slag powder in concrete admixture can be as high as 25% to 50% (the exact amount should be based on the use of cement, additives, and the construction site, determined through tests), that is to say each cubic concrete slag powder can replace equal more than 100kg of cement, slag powder factory price is (130 ~ 140) yuan / tons, cement factory price is (230 ~ 240) yuan / ton, so that each cubic concrete can save 10 yuan of above, high strength concrete save more.

The practice proved that the slag powder concrete is a very effective and high performance mineral admixtures, adding slag powder, can greatly reduce the cost of concrete, at the same time, greatly enhance the strength of concrete, construction performance, greatly improving the durability of concrete, reduce the hydration heat of concrete, inhibiting alkali aggregate reaction; so, in the concrete the incorporation of slag powder can be prepared with low cost and high performance concrete.

Powder vertical roller mill become main equipment: vertical roller mill is the main SBM slag vertical mill, compared with the traditional ball mill, earn a huge income.

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