How To Improve The Quality Of Grinding Slag PowderDate:2019-09-03

Summary:With the development of industrial technology, these problems have gradually been resolved, slag by vertical roller mill equipment is ground into a powder , app

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With the development of industrial technology, these problems have gradually been resolved, slag by vertical roller mill equipment is ground into a powder , applied to concrete, cement can improve the comprehensive performance, not only Protect environment, but also improve the utilization rate of resources, has brought the enormous economic benefits and social benefits.

With the more and more powder products appearing on the market, competition is more and more fierce, how to improve the quality of slag powder production line has become the priority problems of the enterprises. So, what are the factors that influence the vertical roller mill production ore quality? How to improve slag vertical mill production of slag powder quality?

First, by chemical composition, selection of high quality iron slag raw materials will affect the quality of the mill production of slag powder , such as different regions of different steelmaking plant of exclusion of slag products and its chemical composition is different, and some chemical composition is not conducive to play to the activity of slag, so this the need for testing of raw mineral materials, to avoid the low quality of the slag caused enormous economic losses to the enterprise.SBM after signing contract with customers, the company will be in accordance with the wishes of customers promptly sent specialized technical personnel of customer slag for raw material testing, various aspects of raw material fineness etc. for inspection, look to whether can effectively grinding or ratio.

Second, through the correct operation of the vertical mill to improve slag product quality, vertical mill will directly affect the production of powder quality , if the operating pressure increases, the grinding capacity will also increase, grinding power consumption will increase, therefore, in the premise of ensuring vertical mill production of powder quality ,vertical roller mill operating pressure cannot set too large, should be adjusted at any time according to the actual situation of the operating pressure. SBM Machinery can provide online training, so that the customer technicians sent to really grasp the operation skill.

Third:use slag powder production line equipment to meet the mill stand quality also affect the slag grinding production ore quality itself one of the most important factors, Then choose a good vertical mill equipment can be more effective, it can produce powder particle shape, surface area to achieve the best, the foundation, the smooth production operation on the other hand is powder production line for example, powder selecting machine as a key component of the vertical mill, its quality will directly influence the performance of grinding quality the efficiency of the powder selecting, to the less qualified fine powder grinding, finished product yield is higher, and vice versa. Therefore, should try to choose a high selecting powder efficiency of grinding equipment .

Since the establishment of SBM, focusing on the vertical roller mill. In response to the call of national energy-saving emission reduction policies, the research team after more than ten years actively with domestic and foreign R & D . developed a energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon products slag vertical mill. This widespread domestic customer favorite.

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