How to carry out maintenance of vertical roller millDate:2019-09-03

Summary:Vertical roller mill is a set of grinding equipment of crushing, drying, grinding, powder separating and conveying into a whole, widely used in various solid ma

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Vertical roller mill is a set of grinding equipment of crushing, drying, grinding, powder separating and conveying into a whole, widely used in various solid materials, cement, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral industries such as grinding and superfine grinding. Because the vertical roller mill working environment is bad, aging and other factors and vertical mill grinding abrasion material variety and equipment parts, led to a vertical mill will tend to occur in large and small fault in the use process. If we can carry out regular inspection of the equipment, and to take prevention and maintenance of effective, so it can greatly reduce the possibility of failure, also can prolong the service life of equipment.

As the most professional vertical mill, SBM for many years on the vertical mill was studied to create a large number of, now the machinery has been in the domestic mill industry champion. On vertical mill maintenance. Can from the following several aspects:

First vertical mill, avoid overload of work in vertical mill many maintenance method, avoid overload of work is the first thing to do. Some enterprises in order to catch the production schedule, make vertical roller mill to work overtime, but vertical mill in the long-term overload of work condition, the working efficiency and working quality is difficult to guarantee, so the enterprise should use equipment appropriate, not to exceed the maximum load of vertical mill.

Two, vertical roller mill do a good job of work lubricating,vertical mill is industrial milling production equipment, a large number of industrial dust production will cause a certain degree of pollution in the apparatus. In general, the bearing part of vertical mill is suffered more serious pollution, once the dust into the bearings inside will increase friction between the bearings, bearing wear caused by fever, and other phenomena, or even cause damage to the equipment, therefore, we should do a good job of vertical roller mill lubrication.

three, regularly check the vertical roller mill wearing parts. vertical mill wear parts is essential for making powder products. If these wearing parts wear, but did not receive a timely repair or replacement, will affect the vertical roller mill work efficiency, therefore, to regularly carry out repair and detection of these parts, and do good wear parts wear degree record, convenient repair personnel to do the vulnerability of maintenance work in the first time.

Above is the SBM machinery for the client introduces common sense of vertical roller mill maintenance, hope customers in the process of using vertical mill, correct operation and reasonable maintenance of vertical mill. If customers in the use of vertical mill process, encounter problems can also contact the SBM after-sales service, SBM will be resolved in the first time for you.

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