Refractory Materials Mill For Important To Grinding Production ProcessDate:2019-06-29

Summary:Refractory materials are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields, in particular to refractory degree

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Refractory materials are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, machinery manufacturing and other industrial fields, in particular to refractory degree not lower than 1580 DEG C for a class of inorganic non metallic materials. At present, due to the technical level of disordered mining, processing is not high, the low level of comprehensive utilization of resources, waste is serious, therefore, the choice of suitable refractory mill is very important for the production process. The resources, especially high grade refractory raw material resources has become less and less, save resources, comprehensive utilization of resources is a pressing matter of the moment.

For the processing of refractory materials, our company production of ultrafine LUM vertical milling machine, MTW Euro ladder mill, MTM ladder mill, ultrafine SCM powder mill and so can be used to manufacture. As refractory material grinding equipment manufacturers, the company production machine products with good grain shape, a high rate of fineness modulus of sand, adjustable, low production cost advantages.

Refractory mill our company production of learned fineness classification of international advanced technology, to solve the superfine powder grading difficulties, mainly for feldspar, calcite, talc, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black, clay and so on more than 500 kinds of superfine powder processing, fineness in 500 eye (25 micron) -2500 mesh (5 micron) the fine powder of 3500 mesh (3.55 micron). The company production of refractory powder mill at reasonable prices, quality guaranteed, now look at the mill performance characteristics:

The working principle and Raymond mill the refractory mill of the same, but the pressure spring is arranged in the grinding device, the envoys between rollers and ring roller pressure increase 1.2 times. When the grinding roller and grinding a certain ring wear, by adjusting the length of spring pressure, so as to maintain constant roller pressure between the rolls, in order to ensure the stable quality. At the same time in the grinding device, various parts through technology improvement, the grinding roller contact area with the grinding ring reaches the maximum, to avoid the general grinder, small granular material not in the rugged cracks in continuous crushing phenomenon. According to the calculation and simulation results of Burnuri equation of gas flow, altered leaf fineness classifier in geometry, re adjust the edge angle and relative gap, into superfine powder grading of can efficiently and accurately sorted out.

Our company based on R & D ahead of the market, the use of lead customers, launched every time new equipment will cause certain customers to use the tendency in the market. Refractory mill on the base of the mill of traditional products, its function fully, to bring customers use of new experience, mill product design will also guide the late to a more humane, practical direction of development.

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