What has a superfine grinding machine manufacturers?Date:2018-10-02

Summary:Recently, there is always the customer said when purchasing products go too much, first of all do not know where the production of mine equipment enterprises? D

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Recently, there is always the customer said when purchasing products go too much, first of all do not know where the production of mine equipment enterprises? Do not know where to sell the product itself need? Don't know excellent moral content which product? Which product price reasonable? Where home products customer service to do anything this good? SBM stiff notice all the users, met mine in Henan all this problem is not a problem, all get a telephone.

Superfine grinding machine is the domestic famous mining equipment manufacturers, the products cover almost all of the mining equipment, any device may buy in middling machine, you don't have to texture problem suffering products, a piece of equipment of Henan middling machine through the ISO9001 quality certification of products abroad, the mall has occupied good market share, machine suspension mill price (including other equipment price) are very competitive in the market, as far as the after sale service is more needless to say, Henan is at the present location of middling machine domestic mining equipment industry the most defensive products after sale service enterprises, all your problems research, from purchase to manipulate the process have any questions you only need a phone call, we will provide you all done.

High pressure roller suspension Raymond mill used for breaking the barite, limestone, ceramic, slag Mohs hardness is less than 9.3, high fine powder processing humidity below 8% non flammable and explosive mines, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials and other industries more than 280 kinds of materials, product size in the 80-425 project boundary adjustment. Special equipment through the machine filled Raymond mill, can produce 30-80 to coarse powder.

Work process of high pressure suspension rod mill: in hypertension suspended roller mill in the host, the grinding roller assembly through the cross arm axle suspension in roller hanger, roller hanger and the spindle and tool holder fixed connected with the shovel, a pressure spring pressure on the cantilever outer end face grinding roller bearing chamber, with the cross arm shaft as a fulcrum encourage the grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring inner surface, when the motor drives the main shaft to move through a transmission device.

the shovel arranged on the blade frame and the grinding roller synchronous restore, roll grinding in grinding ring inner circle around its axis of rotation and swing. Thinking is driven by a driving device for rotating impeller proficient, the higher the speed, the more fine powder separating. In order to guarantee the mill work in the negative pressure condition, gas flow increases by more than the trachea into the bag dust collector fan with the host, is exhausted to atmosphere after purified.

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