Vertical Roller Machine Manufacturers With Analysis Market DevelopmentDate:2018-11-03

Summary:Factors have a direct effect on production and application of downstream industries is the material crushing effect and the production efficiency, in order for

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Factors have a direct effect on production and application of downstream industries is the material crushing effect and the production efficiency, in order for the whole operation process equipment specification of the production line, ensure the grinding machine grinding fineness and yield, we interviewed a number of vertical roller machine manufacturers, the main factors of the production process are summarized.

First of all, the influence of the tensioning force of hydraulic device for material fineness. According to the analysis of the equipment structure of the vertical roller machine manufacturers, the tension stress on the material crushing effect is very important. Tension hydraulic device is more big, roll grinding of material formation pressure is greater, the higher the finished material fineness. But note that, for brittle materials with high, tension is too high will cause vibration grinding machine, as a result of increase of current and power consumption.

Secondly, the feeding effect of layer thickness on the material fineness. Milling process collision materials is different from the traditional crushing, ultrafine grinding is using the principle of material layer grinding to design, structure characteristics and performance advantages of ultra-fine grinding can query the vertical roller machine project to understand. Diameter of material quantity and pressure grinding roller turntable is the scientific method of calculation, the high-speed rotating disc drive under the centrifugal force will be eligible for material separation to the powder selecting machine. In the tension fixed under the premise of setting the optimal value, the thickness of raw material layer, can greatly improve the probability of qualified product material.

The most important point: effects of plate and extrusion of material fineness of grinding roller. As the vulnerability of vertical roller machine, grinding roller and grinding disc is easy to appear in the long process of grinding material of the wear, the need for regular repair and replacement. The grinding roller and the grinding disc forming extrusion surface appears uneven, cause local crushing material layer is not reasonable, the results will produce a large number of coarse material. Closely related to the price of a vertical roller machine and equipment performance, users in the purchase of vertical roller equipment to the mill damageable parts quality good cost planning.

The fourth point, the impact of material properties on the fineness of the. From raw material, if it is a brittle material, grinding process it would be relatively responsible, process in fineness and particle type to undergo a rigorous screening. The manufacturer gives the suggestion is to select the milling machine model according to the nature of the material to production and production standard user. The same mill production actual production efficiency of different materials according to the individual material properties on the parameters appear to float.

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