Ultrafine Mill Processing Bentonite


Processing bentonite selection ultrafine mill Bentonite is a natural non-metallic material mainly composed of layered montmorillonite. It has good physical

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Processing bentonite selection ultrafine mill

Bentonite is a natural non-metallic material mainly composed of layered montmorillonite. It has good physical and chemical properties and can be used as binder, suspending agent, thixotropic agent, stabilizer, purification decolorizer, filling material, feed and catalyst. Etc., widely used in agriculture, light industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc., because of its thickening, anti-sinking, rheological, smooth and other natural characteristics, coupled with its own nano-sized crystal structure, its products Yanfa has changed from low-level, low-value fillers and auxiliary products to high value-added and functional structural products. Reasonable, efficient, harmonious and continuous use of limited resources is the unshakable research and market development of the coatings industry. policy.

According to relevant media reports, the output of China's coatings industry has increased year by year since 2006, from the original 5.0874 million tons to 8 million tons this year. It can be said that the prospects are very optimistic. As a major raw material for paints, bentonite will have a development model in the future. The industry insiders say this: "China's economic development has evolved from a low-level, extensive to a high-level, sophisticated, and sustainable development. The development of the bentonite industry should also be in the same direction of development." China's bentonite industry has been working hard for more than a decade, and with the support of the coatings industry associations and enterprises, its scale has changed from the original small workshop-style production. For the current scale and deep processing.

The future development trend of the bentonite industry is already very obvious. The next step is how to achieve this goal better in development. There are many crushing and processing equipments for bentonite, but the future development is no longer the previous small workshops, the extensive business model, but the scale and high, precise and sharp development direction we need to face, so we choose the right Bentonite crushing equipment must also have certain standards.

In the future development, according to the demand of products formed by bentonite, we should choose the appropriate processing equipment. At present, the milling equipment that can be used to process bentonite is: ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill, high-pressure mill, Ultra-fine pulverizer, high-efficiency high-pressure suspension roller mill, ultra-fine powder airflow mill, three-ring medium-speed mill, ash-calcium machine, zinc ash separator, ball mill and other equipment. Milling Machine Network mainly introduces ball mill, high pressure mill, Raymond mill, ultrafine mill, limestone mill, suspension roller mill, barite mill, marble mill, etc. Cheap and inexpensive mill equipment! Factory direct sales, cheap, quality assurance.

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