Ultrafine Mill High Temperature Fault Handling Scheme


"Boil" is ultrafine mill one of the most common failures due to high temperature, the water temperature is too high can not rush to open the water radiator cove

Solution Scheme

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"Boil" is ultrafine mill one of the most common failures due to high temperature, the water temperature is too high can not rush to open the water radiator cover heat, so easy to make hot water spray wounding, should be natural cooling and then replenishment; Experience and ultrafine mill operating specifications, the operator found the engine "boil", should immediately stop the operation, do not turn off the fire, so that the engine idling operation, while all open the blinds to increase air flow, the water temperature in the cooling fan under the effect of slowly And the release of a large number of bubbles generated by the cooling system.

Wait for the engine to run idle for a few minutes, the water temperature has dropped and no longer boiling, with a towel or veil soaked in water radiator cover, carefully unscrew part of the water radiator cover, the release of water vapor, convinced that the water radiator water vapor release After the whole, and then all open the water radiator cover, in the process of unscrewing the water radiator cover, remember that the arm should not be exposed, the face to avoid the top of the nozzle, to prevent hot water spray burn face.

If the ultrafine mill engine has been turned off, to quickly start the engine and make it idle; if the engine can not be activated after the flame, you should turn off the throttle, shake the crank crank; if no hand, you can intermittently use the starter So that the piston up and down a few times, through the suction, exhaust ventilation, the heat emitted in the cylinder out.

How to add coolant to ultrafine mill

When adding coolant to ultrafine mill, it is best to add the same type of coolant in the water radiator, do not add tap water at will, unless it is done urgently. In the water radiator to add cooling water, be sure to wait for water temperature dropped to about 70 ℃ and then carried out; should be taken to "progressive water method" gradually cooling, and not a water too far too fast, that is, when the water while the engine idling , While slowly filling, steady, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

Ultrafine Mill Overheating Treatment Program

ultrafine mill brake or other parts of the overheating, not directly with cold water engine, in order to achieve the effect of reducing the engine temperature. Although this method can cool down, but directly with cold water red engine may cause some damage within the engine parts, and may even make the engine block, cylinder and other parts of the burst. This will reduce its life and performance, so it must be shut down to make it cool naturally.

Equipment Configuration


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