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What are the reasons for the clogging of ultrafine mill air ducts? In recent years, because the market demand continues to improve, milling industry contin

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What are the reasons for the clogging of ultrafine mill air ducts?

In recent years, because the market demand continues to improve, milling industry continues to develop, so the requirements of the mill is also getting higher and higher. Ultrafine mill manufacturers in order to meet the development needs of the industry, its performance has been positive improvement, and every innovation and improvement have been recognized and praised most of the user. Which ultrafine mill performance is particularly evident, its in the milling industry, much user praise. When the user properly and rational use of its grinding operations, in a certain period of use, almost no failure, by the user's trust.

In the grinding machine on the grinding of materials production operations, because the feed is a massive material, the material is powder material, so often there may be some failure. Perhaps these problems are very minor, but not timely use the right way to solve, it may produce a larger or more complex issues. So it is necessary to promptly solve any large or small problems that arise during the flour production process. Which is blocked air duct is a problem is not big, but the consequences are very serious, the following we have to see what causes the milling equipment to transport the finished product of the air duct obstruction of the situation, and for these reasons, There is no reasonable precautionary measures, and the most important solution. Here we choose ultrafine mill as an example to elaborate, so that you have a specific impression and solution, hoping to read this article, you have some help.

When the ultrafine mill is used to grind the bulk material, the bulk material is crushed and ground through a roller and a grinding ring and becomes a powdered material. And then through the fan for powder, selected powder material will enter the transmission pipeline, and then eventually discharged from the discharge port. Mentioned here is the phenomenon of plugging the fan duct is blocked, resulting in the consequences of smaller winds, a serious decline in the efficiency of the election, if the continued feeding of equipment, equipment will cause a great burden, and then the phenomenon of overload , Resulting in downtime, or damage to the machine or other auxiliary equipment, such as electric control cabinet, although the problem is not, but the consequences are still quite serious.

Ultrafine Mill Failure For Specific Reasons And Solutions

So we know that in the grinding process, there will inevitably be some problems and problems, then the occurrence of air duct congestion this fault is what the reason, and the key is how to solve this problem. Here, we will analyze the specific causes of these failures and solutions.

We have seen the mill above the general principle of grinding, ultrafine mill grinding principle and this is basically the same, but also roller and grinding ring rolling, by the separator for powder, and then by the powder collector powder Collected, and then discharged from the discharge port. In the powder operation, mainly by the fan blowing the wind, and the ducts appear blocked, it will cause the wind down. These are basically the same principle as the mill, so the ultrafine mill is chosen as a specific case for analysis. There are many reasons for the blockage of the air duct. The two most common problems are: 1, the humidity of the material is too large; 2, the feed is too fast. Here we have a detailed analysis of why these two reasons will cause air duct blockage?

First, the material humidity is too large, then, after grinding the powdery material will adhere to the wall of the duct, which will cause the wind tunnel wind down, adhere to the powder more and more, causing air duct blockage. Another reason is that the feed is too fast, more than the ultrafine mill processing capacity, so a large number of non-fineness of the powder gathered in the duct, the efficiency of powder drop, the rate of powder also decreased, the operator found a powder slower, May be mistaken for the feed is too slow, it is possible to speed up the feed, so that into a vicious circle, and then cause fan blockage, equipment overload shutdown phenomenon. Then see here, you may know how to avoid such a situation, but you will ask, if there is such a situation, that is, the duct is blocked, how to do? How to clean up the air duct? No hurry, we will be in the next article for a detailed introduction, how to clean the air duct of the separator?

Note that here we do not from the ultrafine mill equipment or fans to find the reasons, in fact, the fan failure will occur in the production of the phenomenon of congestion, while grinding mill grinding efficiency will also cause the phenomenon of air duct blockage. We are not to consider these, we only consider the normal circumstances of the problem, that is, just mentioned that the two, but also the most common.

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