Reduce The Energy Consumption Of Ultrafine Mill


Limestone ultrafine mill to reduce the energy consumption of the matters needing attention Limestone ultra-fine grinding for the production and processing

Solution Scheme

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Limestone ultrafine mill to reduce the energy consumption of the matters needing attention

Limestone ultra-fine grinding for the production and processing of materials required for the same time, its pursuit of energy saving has been ultrafine mill manufacturers pursued. Production increased, must require ultra-fine grinding for energy-saving operations. Here to enter our theme today, reduce energy consumption to pay attention to the matter:

  1. 1, ultrafine mill pulverizing the material process, is mainly through the grinding body movement to achieve, a reasonable choice and use of grinding is ultra-fine grinding energy-saving high-yield an important part.
  2. 2, continuous and stable feeding for the stability of ultrafine mill working conditions to stabilize the role of great, does not appear significant changes in fineness. This progress also stabilized the quality of the product.
  3. 3, grinding aids will affect the ultrafine mill grinding effect, commonly used grinding aids are mostly strong surface active substances in the material grinding process, can be adsorbed on the surface of the material to accelerate the crack in the material bursts of expansion, Reduce the adhesion between the fine powder, improve its grinding efficiency, but also conducive to ultra-fine grinding of high energy production.
  4. 4, limestone ultra-fine grinding ventilation can be discharged within the grinding of water vapor and fine powder, can prevent the ball and blockage, but also to reduce the grinding within the grinding phenomenon, reduce the grinding temperature, improve the grinding conditions, but also help improve the super Fine grinding yield efficiency.

Maintenance of ultra-fine milling machine precautions

Ultrafine mill manufacturers developed by the host, separator, blower and other components. It plays an important role in the field of ultrafine grinding. Its working principle is through the jaw crusher will open the material are crushed into the host after grinding, and finally with the separator will reach the fineness of the material output. So, the last ring of the separator is an important core components, of course, there are other kinds of wearing parts. First, when the ultrafine mill's splitter fails, you should turn off the power first. Check the separator's level and pressure for significant changes.

If there is a change, it should be manually adjust the reset, but also on the gas regulating valve to do a certain squeeze to prevent the occurrence of air leakage, the pressure adjustment of the material and the material of the body temperature and the temperature of the mill, the pressure caused by excessive body Fever is serious. The fineness of the material is increased, so that the adjustment of the pressure during the repair process is appropriate and the level is maintained between 1 / 2-1 / 3 for the hydraulic adjustment of the separator. Usually the machine maintenance is also very important, to timely replacement of wearing parts, the timely replacement of lubricants, the equipment on the dry and ventilated place. The main parts of the machine in the premise of ensuring the correct position, should be fast and reliable, fixed joint surface should be tight contact, under normal circumstances 0.04mm feeler can not go. Moving parts, whether in the case of load and no load, should be flexible, there can not be skew or Caton phenomenon. Ultrafine mill equipment failure, all the handle must not shake or self-movement, dislocation and other phenomena, the most important and safety measures should be available, and in a good technical state.

Equipment Configuration


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