Raymond mill with low wear and high efficiency


How to make Raymond mills wear in parallel with low efficiency and high efficiency? High efficiency and high profit are all eagerly desired by each manufac

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How to make Raymond mills wear in parallel with low efficiency and high efficiency?

High efficiency and high profit are all eagerly desired by each manufacturer. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of grinding technology in grinding operations. However, the improvement of the wear degree of the mill can not be ignored. So the question now in front of us is "What should I do to improve the efficiency of the mill without the high wear on the mill?" This is a headache for many manufacturers and buyers. The following describes how to make the Raymond mill low in wear and high efficiency in parallel?

1. Reasonable ratio according to product hardness Generally speaking, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to grind the powder. As the hardness of the material increases, the difficulty of grinding increases, and the grinding degree of the mill is also The higher. This fixed factor determines the proper configuration of the material in the production of crushed milling. We should use a spiral sand washer to evenly distribute the material with the same uniformity in the case of the required fineness of the material, and make a reasonable proportion of the materials with the same shape, and concentrate the feeding into the crushing chamber for grinding production. If we mix directly for milling, production will be unstable and will reduce the efficiency of the mill.

2, the exact positioning of Raymond mill models different materials can handle different particle sizes, so first of all should understand the small value of the material can be broken, can not blindly ignore the material itself to achieve the grinding requirements The appropriate mill can be selected according to the size of the broken value of the material. At the same time, the feed size, finished product size, central shaft speed, grinding roller and grinding ring size should be accurately positioned. According to the required fineness of grinding, different Raymond mill models should be selected for processing and production. Effectively improve the milling efficiency and ensure uniform powder fineness.

3. Uniform feeding In the feeding aspect, it is necessary to ensure uniform and continuous feeding, so as to prevent the materials from entering the crushing chamber of the milling machine for a long time. Continuous continuous production of the mill can be achieved by continuous feeding to increase work efficiency and meet our production requirements. In addition, in order to make the grinding machine work more efficiently, it is necessary to achieve all the possible factors, so as to improve the material handling capacity and make the material fully broken between the grinding roller and the grinding ring. Grinding, to speed up production efficiency, through the reasonable use of Raymond mill, will bring us more profit margins.

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