Raymond Mill Processing Metallurgical Slag


Use of Raymond mill to process metallurgical slag At present, there are many types of mills on the domestic and international markets. Each mill equipment

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Use of Raymond mill to process metallurgical slag

At present, there are many types of mills on the domestic and international markets. Each mill equipment has different materials for processing. So, which kind of mill equipment is the most suitable for processing metallurgical slag?

Everyone knows that steel will produce a large amount of steel slag and iron slag in the process of smelting. If it is not recycled properly, it will not only waste a lot of resources but also cause serious environmental pollution. Straightforward, steel slag iron slag is the impurity after melting iron ore from steel mills. This can be pulverized by a fine crusher or a mill, and then applied to a cement mixing plant. Then everyone knows that metallurgical slag is milled. What is the use of the equipment after it has been ground into fine powder? Here is our company to explain to you: the use of steel slag varies by composition. So far, people have developed a variety of ways to comprehensively utilize steel slag, mainly including metallurgy, building materials, and agricultural utilization.

  1. First, as a metallurgical raw material, steel slag can replace limestone or lime in the metallurgical production as sintering flux, blast furnace flux, iron furnace flux, steelmaking return slag and so on.
  2. Second. Used as road construction and building materials, steel slag containing low free calcium oxide and high phosphorus content and not suitable for smelting flux, can be considered as road construction, river course and hydraulic construction materials.
  3. Third, for agriculture, steel slag contains CaO, which can be used to improve acidic soil. Steel slag can be used as phosphate fertilizer or silicon calcium fertilizer. It has fertilizer effect on plants in early and late stages under certain soil conditions. When steel is produced by medium and high phosphorus hot metal, the raw phosphorus slag is recovered without fluorite slag, and the finished steel slag phosphate is obtained by crushing, magnetic separation and crushing. Although P2O5 in the steel slag is insoluble in water, it is soluble in the solution, that is, it can be dissolved in a solution of acidity equivalent to 2% citric acid (citric acid) or ammonium citrate. Generally used as base fertilizer, 50-200kg can be applied per acre.

Our company is specialized in the production of Raymond mill and high-pressure mill equipment. Our high-pressure mill and Raymond mill are the most ideal equipment for processing steel slag. Firstly, the steel slag can be pulverized by a small hammer crusher, and then the material is continuously sent into the mill through a bucket elevator, and the steel slag is formed into fineness with different fineness by continuous rolling of a plurality of high-pressure grinding rolls. The powder is then applied to different fields. This equipment can be used to reuse used steel slag, saving resources, reducing pollution and creating huge economic value. The use of high-pressure mills for production investment has low investment costs, high efficiency, environmental protection and pollution-free production, and is an essential equipment for many metallurgical industries.

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