Raymond mill is different from coarse powder mill


The difference between Raymond mill and coarse powder mill The main purpose of Raymond Mill is to grind and finely crush mine ore. Now it has been used by

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The difference between Raymond mill and coarse powder mill

The main purpose of Raymond Mill is to grind and finely crush mine ore. Now it has been used by most people in mining, metallurgy, building materials processing and chemical industries. Raymond mill is a kind of mill with a long history, so most of the new mills later used the working principle of Raymond mill. The biggest difference between Raymond mill and coarse powder machine is that Raymond mill is equipped with analyzer components, which can adjust the fineness of the mill in the process of production. The coarse grinding is mainly used for the production of coarse powder, which removes the adjustment of the particle size of the ore powder, which also makes the structure of the coarse grinding more simple and the production efficiency is higher.

Rough grinding is a new type of mill equipment that has been improved and upgraded on the basis of old equipment. Therefore, it has more advantages: coarse grinding is considered in the production of parts of the old-fashioned mill. In the case, special processing and design of the wearing parts, so that the coarse grinding has higher wear resistance than the Raymond mill, and the service life is longer; and the principle of coarse grinding on the grinding principle of the old mill Corresponding improvements have also been made to make the products with high content of fine sand and the production capacity have been improved. In addition, the coarse grinding is relatively focused on the production of coarse powder, which can be used as a pre-preparation for other fine grinding equipment. Processing equipment to provide better grinding materials for other fine grinding equipment.

In fact, both coarse grinding and Raymond grinding are among the more excellent models in grinding equipment. Raymond mill is an earlier milling machine, while coarse powder machine is a new type of equipment. Old-fashioned equipment, which is usually used in a wide range, and the new equipment is combined with the special design of various occasions to make it more efficient and produce better quality.

We are a mining machinery manufacturer specializing in the production of grinding equipment, stone production lines and so on. The company constantly introduces new materials from the original Raymond mill to the later high-pressure mill and now to the coarse powder mill. The various types of mill equipment independently developed by our company can easily complete the material fineness and output. The comprehensive performance of economic conditioning and economical effectiveness is also more suitable for small and medium investors to rationally choose among the major industrial and mining enterprises.

The emergence of large-scale grinding machines produced by our company will effectively reduce our dependence on Europe and the United States on large-scale mills, and provide a solid guarantee for each customer regardless of after-sales service or mill price. Offer. Large-scale grinding equipment not only deals with problems from the source of slag micropowder consumption, but also provides cost-effective equipment with real cost benefits in the long-term application process.

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