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Ore milling equipment production line Ore milling equipment production line are based on the site site survey or customer actual requirements for the custo

Solution Scheme

Based on results of specialized on-site investigation, SBM provides specialized integrated solutions for customers, presenting CAD drawings and 3D drawings of each solution. Because of enormous capability of research and development, SBM can provide customized equipment addressing special project demands. In SBM, we cherish each investment from customers. Using our specialty and responsibility, we help customers reap more from investment.

Ore milling equipment production line

Ore milling equipment production line are based on the site site survey or customer actual requirements for the customer design, fully reflects the design of the rationality, effectiveness, applicability, processing capacity, low wear and low operating costs is its significant features. According to the different process requirements, various types of ore milling equipment to meet the different requirements of customers.

Ore Milling Equipment Features

  1. High degree of automation, simple process, simple operation, easy maintenance
  2. High production efficiency, low operating costs, large output, high yield;
  3. Finished stone grain size uniform, grain shape is good, in line with national high-speed materials requirements.

How does the sand production line be configured?

Sand production line is a set of gravel sand production line, used in the production of gravel aggregate for construction. A set of ore milling equipment production line configuration can not be achieved overnight, is to combine the user's raw materials, site conditions, production capacity, investment budget, quality requirements for the user to design a preliminary program, but also to gradually communicate with the user, one after another All aspects of the production line to change or improve, and ultimately achieve the user's identity.

For different users we provide the configuration program may be slightly fine, to adapt to the user material, the scene of the situation, in order to maximize the use of resources to enhance production efficiency. The specific configuration is as follows:

  1. 1. Determine the rough crushing link: Crushing part is the beginning of a production line, mainly to solve how to feed and how to crush. General gravel production line of coarse crushing equipment (head break), we choose jaw crusher. Coarse crushing hoist and jaw crusher, we should be seen as a whole. The overall throughput of the combination directly affects the choice of the subsequent production line.
  2. 2. Two broken links: two broken links on the choice of more, limestone soft rock we can choose the impact crusher, granite hard rock we can choose cone crusher, of course, the optional cone broken species is also a lot, including hydraulic Conical broken, spring conical broken, composite conical broken, hydraulic cone broken can be divided into single-cylinder hydraulic, multi-cylinder hydraulic and so on. Yield, the choice of two broken to combine the production capacity of coarse crushing, in principle, must be greater than or equal to the crushing capacity. In addition to the use of conical broken also take into account the material to the full situation. It may be necessary to design a small bin and feeder for each cone, or a large transit silo and one or more hanging feeder.
  3. 3. Screening links: Screening can be used screening group, a lot of salesman has been very much at home, the key is to combine the site to a reasonable layout. So that back to the finished product, the belt can be better placed, work.
  4. 4. Return to the material link, back to the material and the two broken equipment can be put together, more land-saving, as long as the choice can eat the vibrating screen over the back of the material on the line, in the choice of more use of plastic machine, including PF counter-crushing Machine, JYS new efficient sand making machine, used to optimize the grain shape.
  5. 5. Return material after screening, back to the material after the break, but also to return to the vibrating screen screening, sieving the finished product into the finished product area, if there is material to continue to return to the material back to the broken material broken.
  6. Gravel production line design should be combined with the user's wishes and on-site field conditions reasonable layout. As a mine machinery and equipment manufacturers, our company for many users designed sand production line, production capacity ranging from 50-3000t / h.

Equipment Configuration


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