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Manganese ore is a strategic and important material for the development of the national economy. The extracted manganese metal is widely used in steel and iron

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Manganese ore is a strategic and important material for the development of the national economy. The extracted manganese metal is widely used in steel and iron industry, light industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, national defense, environmental protection, and electronics. Although China's manganese ore resources are abundant, the quality is generally low, and the comprehensive utilization value is not high. In order to realize the rational use of manganese ore, major mining companies have researched and developed new equipment that is specially used for the grinding of manganese ore, namely ultrafine grinding of manganese ore.

Manganese ore ultrafine mill equipment is developed in combination with the characteristics of manganese ore, so it has a strong type, which helps to improve the flotation grade of manganese ore. What is the price of ultrafine mill of manganese ore? What are the performance advantages? These are the topics that customers are more concerned about, and will be introduced in detail for everyone.

Manganese ore ultrafine grinding price is how much

Due to the influence of equipment quality, market demand, and processing capacity, the price of ultrafine grinding of manganese ore is not a fixed value. The price of manganese ore will vary with different manufacturers and stages.

1, equipment quality

Generally speaking, the better the quality of ultrafine mill of manganese ore, the higher the price will be. The main reason is that the raw materials used for high-quality equipment are also better, so the price will be higher. However, it cannot be generalized that a small number of manufacturers (such as SBA Industrial Technology Group) can maintain their price concessions while maintaining the quality of their equipment. This is due to the rationalization of the production process adopted and the reduction in cost. Therefore, the equipment produced by the same high-quality raw materials will be lower in price.

2, market demand

We all know that when the market demand for ultrafine mill of manganese ore is far less than the supply of manufacturers, it will cause inflation. The government departments will take some macro-control to adjust this phenomenon. At this time, the equipment price is a comparison. Low; on the contrary, when the market demand is greater than the supply, the manufacturer will automatically raise the equipment price.

3, processing capacity

As we all know, the greater the processing capacity of ultrafine mill of manganese ore, the larger its model specifications, the larger the volume, the greater the weight, the more material and labor costs are consumed, so the price is higher; otherwise, the processing capacity is weak. The equipment price will be relatively cheaper. The specific equipment quotation can be obtained through "Online Consultation".

What are the advantages of manganese ultrafine mill performance

  1. 1. Advanced technology and low cost: The ultrafine mill of manganese ore is developed through repeated trials and numerous practical experiments by relevant experts. Its production process is very advanced. Compared with traditional ultrafine grinding, the internal structure of the mine is optimized and the configuration is more reasonable. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the size, reduce the footprint of the aircraft, and greatly reduce the investment cost. At the same time, the equipment adopts an automatic control system. The operation and transportation of the equipment are simpler and more convenient, further reducing the operating cost.
  2. 2. The ultrafine grinding of manganese ore runs stably and has a longer life: the grinding bodies, barrels and other parts of the equipment are all made of strong, wear-resistant, compressive, and corrosion-resistant high-quality materials to make it more solid and the whole operation process. It is very stable, it can work continuously for 1800 hours without failure, reduce maintenance cost and time, and at the same time it can extend its life by more than 3 times.
  3. 3, higher efficiency, greater output: The device's material inlet and outlet have been improved, the steel ball distribution was regularized, can be selective grinding of manganese ore, greatly improving its grinding efficiency, at the same time, the cylinder volume is effectively increased, The amount of manganese minerals that can be accommodated is about 1 times more, so the output is also increased more than 1 times simultaneously.
  4. 4, energy saving, green environmental protection: The device uses a multi-stage sealed cylinder design, to avoid the small dust flying out of the cylinder caused environmental pollution, and the installation of a silencer device, the equipment can control the noise within 68 dB In addition, compared with conventional ultrafine grinding, this equipment can effectively reduce energy consumption by more than 60% under the same output.

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