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In the construction waste crusher processing line, a fierce look we may think that he is not very useful, but in fact, it is in the process of building waste di

Solution Scheme

Based on results of specialized on-site investigation, SBM provides specialized integrated solutions for customers, presenting CAD drawings and 3D drawings of each solution. Because of enormous capability of research and development, SBM can provide customized equipment addressing special project demands. In SBM, we cherish each investment from customers. Using our specialty and responsibility, we help customers reap more from investment.

In the construction waste crusher processing line, a fierce look we may think that he is not very useful, but in fact, it is in the process of building waste disposal is indispensable, it not only improved the surrounding environment, and is available Resources have also been greatly improved, it can be seen, construction waste crusher processing equipment is essential. Here are our company's technical staff to tell you about the usefulness of some of the construction waste equipment and the need to avoid dangerous matters.

  1. 1, boot work, you should carefully view the construction waste crusher processing equipment parts are not qualified, qualified before the official start work.
  2. 2, installed at the point should ensure that the loading and unloading of the tape in the center of the direction, not allowed in a large height directly unloaded to prevent injury to tape and lead to tape deviation.
  3. 3, the reducer, motor, coupling and all the drum bearing temperature is not normal, movement is not abnormal.
  4. 4, the conveyor belt transport materials should be carefully reviewed during the delivery situation, found abnormal should be timely downtime.
  5. 5, the conveyor belt tension is not appropriate, with or without skid deviation, card grinding and other abnormal appearance.
  6. 6, often check the hydraulic coupler, hydraulic system, reducer is not oil spill, regular inspection of the amount of oil is not appropriate, and timely adjustment to add.
  7. 7, construction waste crusher processing equipment before starting, should first start close to unload the drum motor, in the drive near the storage tank of the motor, so that the surface when the load exceeds the load.
  8. 8, maintenance should be shut down, should be hung on the stop signs.
  9. 9, before the shutdown should clean up the debris.
  10. 10, the conveyor belt on the material after processing in order to stop the construction waste disposal equipment.

Many of the waste in the construction of waste can be reused as a renewable capital if it is sieved, removed or destroyed. If these built waste can be used synthetically, then it can save a lot of limestone, clay, gypsum, iron ore powder and other natural raw materials mining. To achieve the construction of integrated use of waste industry, reduce the construction of waste increment, and further progress in the construction of the comprehensive utilization of waste.

Loss of construction waste crusher processing equipment

After the construction of garbage crusher crushing the construction of garbage, we have to think about how to deal with these construction waste, of course, you have to ask how much money a ton of construction waste? Here I can tell you that this kind of construction waste to produce the material than the usual price of sand and gravel must be much lower, because this construction waste is relatively low, almost everywhere there are construction waste, but its production is also very Large enough to make up for its lack of this stone can be produced into a variety of rivers diverted to civil engineering, not afraid of no place to use, low profits and low cost.

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