Bentonite Ultrafine Mill Processing


China's rich reserves of bentonite resources, bentonite processing and production of large countries, bentonite widely used in industry, "universal soil," said.

Solution Scheme

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China's rich reserves of bentonite resources, bentonite processing and production of large countries, bentonite widely used in industry, "universal soil," said. Bentonite in a large number of montmorillonite to become a variety of industry requirements, its adhesion, suspension, stability, purification, catalytic and other effects are widely used in agriculture, light industry, paint industry, cosmetics and other fields The Organic bentonite, activated clay and so on are bentonite processing products, after processing of bentonite can be used for casting sand, oil decolorization and so on. Bentonite broad demand market, making bentonite development soon became a lot of processors in the mouth of a "fat." The use of milling machine on the deep processing of bentonite, but also to a wider range of applications.

Bentonite ultrafine mill processing As the world's mill industry giants have aimed at a market, the development of a broad market. It is predicted that during the 10th Five-Year Plan period, paint and ink production will grow at an average annual rate of 5%. It can be seen organic bentonite market potential is very large, high-pressure milling machine as a commonly used bentonite mechanical equipment, the market naturally also with the broad, much concern to investors.

Bentonite ultrafine grinding processing production process

Bentonite ultrafine grinding production process is to improve the material through the activation temperature and pressure and with a small amount of water to rinse the slurry method to improve the efficiency of high-performance clay and decolorization, production costs greatly reduced.

  1. 1, the first batch of bentonite and inorganic acid mixed evenly at a certain temperature pressure will be activated mixture; use a certain amount of water will be activated pulp rinse to PH = 4;
  2. 2, and then through the filter into the cake, drying, crushing and other processes, the activation temperature and pressure generally increased to 200 ~ 300 ℃ and 15 to 40 atmospheres; the amount of water to be washed to be divided into several equal parts, followed by Rinse the slurry.
  3. 3, the last use of ultra-fine grinding production line to process the milling, and ultra-fine grinding manufacturers in Shanghai SBM SCM series of ultra-fine grinding or MTW European version of T-type milling machine in terms of fineness is the output are Can greatly meet your needs.

The working principle of bentonite ultrafine grinding

Bentonite ultrafine mill is bent on the physical properties of the specialized development and production of milling machinery. The whole structure is composed of main engine, pipeline device, blower and so on, according to user needs can be equipped with crusher, hoist, electric control motor and so on.

After the material is pulverized to the desired particle size, the material is sent to the hopper by the hoisting machine, and then the material is continuously fed into the ultra-fine grinding machine by the vibrating feeder, and the roller is swung outward due to the centrifugal force during rotation , Pressed against the grinding ring, shovel shovel material from the grinding roller and grinding ring between the rolling roller to achieve the purpose of grinding. The material after grinding the fine powder with the blower of the circulating wind was brought into the analysis machine for sorting, fineness of the material back to the heavy grinding, qualified fine powder with the air into the finished cyclone collector, the powder tube discharge, That is finished.

Ultrafine mill production line in the bentonite deep processing of the great advantages

Ultra-fine grinding production line in the deepening of bentonite, not only to ensure the fineness of the powder, but also to ensure the production of bentonite to promote the development of bentonite processing industry. Bentonite using ultra-fine milling machine These deep processing equipment in the development of deep processing products play a huge role, greatly increasing the development potential of bentonite deep processing of finished products, the use of ultra-fine milling machines and other high-tech to transform the traditional production and processing, not only rapid The overall improvement of enterprise technology, but also to enhance product quality and value played a huge role.

Ultra-fine grinding production line with a new disc design and drive motor, high-impact impact grinding, high yield, abrasion resistance become bentonite processing often used in a mechanical equipment. The equipment greatly saves the mechanical operation time and the control in the project, the material grasping, grinding, and then quickly removed is the basic work of high-pressure milling machine and work content. Ultra-fine milling machine in the bentonite industry has great potential for development, its play a huge role in firmly consolidating the ultra-fine milling machine in the bentonite industry in the position. Ultrafine mill in the bentonite industry development path will be widening, but also to the ultra-fine grinding manufacturers brought new opportunities and challenges.

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