Analysis of Raymond Mill High Temperature Problem


For the problem of high temperature in Raymond Mill. Mechanical engineering technicians tried their best to develop super strong, super-hard, high-temperature r

Solution Scheme

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For the problem of high temperature in Raymond Mill. Mechanical engineering technicians tried their best to develop super strong, super-hard, high-temperature resistant metal and non-metal materials on the material function. It is not known that high performance oils suitable for their operating conditions are used in the purchase of oils. 80% of the industrial and mining enterprises do not have staff and measures in this area, so that they use oil to feel, even touch and see. Therefore, when it comes to the use of oil, there is only one person who manages a factory and has no organization guarantee. In oil testing and monitoring, it refused to invest. By adding high-functional additives to lubricating oils or using lubricating oil as a carrier, various films and coatings have been formed in the boundary lubrication friction, successfully solving the problems of low-speed, heavy-duty, and tribological lubrication. Its performance is: poor sealing, frequent injections, frequent maintenance.

Nationwide, there are still many companies still lacking familiarity with lubrication, thinking that it is pouring oil, nothing to talk about. The use of various technologies to improve and invent new heat treatment processes is a road that people have struggled for for hundreds or even thousands of years, but it is still unclear that more than 60% of failures are caused by oil and improper maintenance of oil products. This road has solved the wear resistance and other parameters of the friction pair, and the progress has not been doubled, but several times or several times. This road is almost at the beginning.

To solve the problem of lubrication, not only to buy good lubricants, but to change the concept of lubrication, using accurate lubrication methods. According to statistics, mechanical speed, load, accuracy, and temperature have all progressed by a few or more than a dozen times during the past half century. In terms of troubleshooting, many reasons are found mechanically, and oil is seldom found. Discontinued maintenance and replacement of parts have become the normal work of the company. Most of them have not been able to learn how to lubricate. Just think, if the lubrication is good, the friction will certainly be reduced, the wear will certainly be reduced, the equipment load will be reduced, high temperature problems will be resolved. To solve the problem of high temperature in the grinding chamber, we should first solve the lubrication problem of Raymond Mill grinding roller, and then solve the sealing problem.

The high temperature of Raymond Mill is a problem that has plagued many production enterprises for many years. Raymond Mill is a mining machine and its characteristics are:

  1. 1, the load is large
  2. 2. Frequency ball mill, fine crusher, magnetic separator
  3. 3, withstand the impact load. Even better lubrication conditions, if the seal is not good, everything is empty talk.

In the past half century, measures have been continuously updated, and the mechanical capacity and operating parameters of machinery have been increasing. As long as these two problems are solved, I believe the problem of high temperature in the grinding chamber will be solved. At present, a large number of mechanical engineering and technical staff serve various industries. This is a lot of mechanical engineering and technical staff is not clear. Then there is a parallel road, that is to work hard on lubrication.

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