What are The Limestone CrushersDate:2019-12-15

Summary:After the limestone crusher is processed, it can be widely used in the construction industry and industry. So what are the commonly used limestone crushers and

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After the limestone crusher is processed, it can be widely used in the construction industry and industry. So what are the commonly used limestone crushers and which one is better? This is what the limestone stone plant is more concerned about, and we will introduce it in detail below.

What are the commonly used limestone crushers?

Limestone is a medium-soft hardness stone. Therefore, there are many crushers that can handle it. For example, heavy hammer crushers, plastic hammer crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, and cone crushers are commonly used. , Impact crusher, roller crusher, etc. In addition to different types, they also have different models to meet the various needs of users.

Which limestone crusher is better?

The above lists several commonly used limestone crushers, but which one is better? The classification is introduced as follows, you can choose according to the actual situation.

Heavy hammer crusher

Heavy hammer crusher is a commonly used coarse crushing equipment. It is commonly used to treat large pieces of limestone and can crush stones not larger than 1500 ㎜. Shaping hammer crusher is comparable to sand making machine. It is mainly used for reshaping coarse crushed materials. It is a crushing + shaping two and one limestone crusher.

Limestone Crusher

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a necessary equipment for the crushing of large limestone. It is mainly used as coarse crushing equipment. It bears the responsibility of high-quality crushing in the sand and stone production line. In the powder production line, the material needs to be crushed to a qualified feed mill. Particles. Limestone jaw crusher has a simple structure, low cost, large swing angle, low suspension, and short liner. It has a large crushing ratio and is a widely used limestone crusher.

Impact Crusher

Impact crushers are mainly used in the production of sandstone aggregates, for the formation and shaping of coarse limestone aggregates. In a conventionally configured limestone crushed stone production line, impact crushers are usually found. The impact crusher crushes the material by hitting the material with the hammer and rebounding of the impact plate. The crushing efficiency is high and the grain shape is good.

Cone crusher

The cone crusher is also used in the crushing of limestone. Whether it is hard limestone or soft limestone, it can be retracted easily. The advantage of using cone crusher as limestone crushing equipment is that it has less dust and less fine powder content, which is more suitable for manufacturers that do not need mineral powder. However, there are disadvantages. Because of its large output, the shape of the output granule is not so good, and it is often necessary to add a shaper. This kind of limestone crusher is suitable for some high-end and economically powerful users, and can greatly release production efficiency.

Impact crusher

Impact crushers are also called sand making machines. They are fine crushing equipment for limestone and have excellent shaping ability. Therefore, they can be applied to the shaping of limestone coarse aggregate. Of course, they are more commonly used for limestone sand making.

Roller crusher

Double-roller crusher is a kind of double-roller crusher. It can crush the material through the extrusion of two toothed rollers and the splitting of the roller teeth. It can be used in the crushing of limestone. This kind of limestone crusher can be used as coarse crushing equipment or medium and fine crushing equipment. The distance and tooth shape of the roller can be selected by oneself.

What material is better for the wearing parts of limestone crusher

The selection of the consumable parts of the limestone crusher is very important. Generally, high-wear-resistant materials are used. For example, the hammerhead of the limestone crusher uses manganese steel, high manganese steel, and alloy steel. Among them, alloy steel is used for higher quality. These are of good quality, but the cost is relatively high. Some equipment manufacturers use cast steel and cast iron. You can distinguish them carefully.

In summary, there are many types of limestone crushers commonly used, each with its own characteristics. If you are interested in limestone crushers, welcome to consult online customer service for free.

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