Vertical Mill Grinding DiscDate:2018-11-27

Summary:Guide: In the process of vertical mill production, the effect of grinding disc on material pulverization is mainly to use the effect of centrifugal force, crush

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Guide: In the process of vertical mill production, the effect of grinding disc on material pulverization is mainly to use the effect of centrifugal force, crushing it under the action of grinding rod and grinding ring, and in the process of production, the grinding disc will be due to the force Subject to wear and tear, then when replacing, which part is better?

The production process of the vertical mill depends on the cooperation of various parts of the equipment, and the equipment is mainly processing various ores, so the quality of each part of the equipment is very important for the production process, if the quality of the parts is strong This will reduce the probability of equipment damage during the production process and make the production go smoothly. Therefore, the quality of the components of the vertical mill machine is also very concerned by the customer. The grinding disc of the equipment plays a vital role in the whole work process. The equipment is mainly for grinding the material, mainly the centrifugal force of the material in the grinding disc. Under the smashing, only the parts with strong quality can smash the material better.

Due to the demand for vertical mill equipment in the market, the number of equipment manufacturers has increased dramatically. The quality of the equipment produced by each manufacturer and the accessories of the equipment are different. So which part of the parts is of good quality? As with the purchase of vertical mills, you need to know which manufacturers are on the market when purchasing the grinding discs. Which one has a better reputation, and then compare the price of the mill discs according to the market. However, the price is cheap. After confirming the manufacturer of the equipment, you should contact the manufacturer's customers to see their evaluation of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer's reputation and quality are really good, you can buy it.

When purchasing, you should choose the appropriate grinding disc according to the model of your equipment. You can tell the manufacturer's model and other properties, and then choose according to the manufacturer's recommendation. Generally speaking, when purchasing a grinding disc, customers can give priority to the manufacturer when purchasing the vertical mill equipment, because the equipment and parts of the same manufacturer are better matched, only when the quality of the equipment is problematic or the manufacturer does not have the required parts. When you choose the manufacturer according to the above principles.

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