Vertical Mill Discharge Size Adjustment MethodDate:2018-11-13

Summary:Introduction: In the production of vertical mills, it is necessary to adjust the particle size. Here is to introduce the problems of the adjustment methods.In t

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Introduction: In the production of vertical mills, it is necessary to adjust the particle size. Here is to introduce the problems of the adjustment methods.

In the production of vertical mills, the guarantee of finished product quality is very important, which requires good operation, and for the elimination of faults in production, it is also necessary to pay attention to the adjustment of the discharge particles, then when adjusting, there is What is the way to adjust?

1. Equipment itself: The material selection and discharge in the vertical mill grinding chamber are all transferred through the blower, the material is brought into the grinding chamber, and then the analyzer is selected for the fineness of the material, and the large particles are returned to the grinding chamber. The secondary grinding, the role of the analyzer is similar to that of the administrator. The thickness of the particle size is checked by the effective cooperation of the blade and the blower. Therefore, in order to ensure that the discharge particles meet the production requirements, the components such as the blower, the analyzer and the blade need to be adjusted. To ensure a reasonable particle size.

2. The size of the feed material in the early stage: The material is fed into the vertical mill by manual or conveyor after the crusher is broken. Because there are many complicated working processes in the fuselage, the material initially enters the particle size too much. It will also cause a lot of pressure on the grinding chamber, resulting in uneven grinding force. In order to prevent this phenomenon, it is necessary to ensure that the broken particles meet the production requirements of the vertical mill.

3, the hardness and humidity of the ore itself: the ore type is very diverse, the different types of ore internal structure is different, the hardness is also different, and for the vertical mill, the different types of equipment, the demand for the nature of the feed is Different, it must be ensured that the hardness and humidity of the material meet the needs of the machine before production can be carried out.

The article mainly introduces the adjustment method of the vertical mill's discharge granularity. From the above introduction, it can be found that there are mainly three aspects. One is the machine itself, and it is also the adjustment of the blade and other components. The size of the material, which needs to ensure that the material in the crushing stage has better particles, and third, the hardness and humidity of the ore itself must meet the requirements of the mill. Otherwise, it cannot be fed.

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