Vertical Impact CrusherDate:2018-11-07

Summary:Vertical Impact Crusher IntroductionVertical impact crushers are collectively referred to and can be divided into many types. Such as: jaw crusher, impact crush

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Vertical Impact Crusher Introduction

Vertical impact crushers are collectively referred to and can be divided into many types. Such as: jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, etc. According to the form of movement, it can be divided into: simple pendulum crusher and compound pendulum crusher. According to the particle size of the crushed material, it can be divided into: coarse crusher and fine crusher. This series of crushers are widely used in mine crushing, stone mining, coal mine crushing and crushing of cement raw materials.

The simple pendulum crusher is suitable for coarse crushing operation. The crushing equipment of this series becomes a large and medium-sized crusher, which is suitable for crushing hard materials. Because of the uneven particle size of the crushed material, it is not suitable for crushing the structure into a sheet-like material. The compound pendulum crusher is suitable for medium crushing operations. The vertical impact crusher is generally medium and small crushing equipment. It is mainly used for crushing operations on hard materials, and is also not suitable for crushing structures into sheet materials.

The difference between coarse and fine break is that the discharge size is different. In the production process, coarse breaking is generally carried out by sieving and then finely breaking the material.

The difference between simple pendulum crusher and compound pendulum crusher

The simple pendulum crusher is characterized by simple structure and convenient maintenance, and its disadvantage is that the product granularity is not uniform. The oscillating motion of the device is that the arc eccentric shaft and the moving jaw are connected together by the thrust plate and the connecting rod. Because of the small force, the moving jaws only do the left and right swinging motion, thereby generating the pressing force. In the material, the material is cleaved to broken. The crushing ratio of the device is small, and the material produced has a large particle size. The simple pendulum crusher works intermittently, so the production efficiency of the equipment is low and not ideal.

The compound pendulum crusher has similarities with the simple pendulum crusher, and has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient maintenance. After the simplification of the moving jaw of the compound pendulum crusher, the trajectory is (elliptical) eccentric axis and the moving jaw is directly connected by the bearing. The moving jaw and the eccentric shaft are both rolling bearings, so the transmission efficiency is high and the force is large. Moreover, the lubrication of the movable jaw is simple, the wear of the equipment can be greatly reduced, and the life of the equipment can be prolonged. Since the moving jaw is not only swinging left and right, but also moving up and down to produce grinding side effects, the dust generated during the operation of the device is large, and the energy consumption used is also large. However, it has a forced discharge capacity, which is 20%-30% higher than the simple pendulum type.

Vertical Impact Crusher Performance Characteristics

  1. 1. The structure is simple and reasonable, the running cost is low, and the principle of stone stone is utilized, and the wear is small.
  2. 2. High breaking rate and energy saving.
  3. 3, with fine crushing, coarse grinding function.
  4. 4. It is affected by the moisture content of the material and the moisture content can reach 8%.
  5. 5. The working noise is lower than 75 decibels (db level), and the dust pollution is less.
  6. 6, suitable for crushing medium hard, extra hard materials.
  7. 7, the product into a cube, bulk density, iron pollution is minimal.
  8. 8. The impeller self-lining wear is small and easy to maintain.

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