Technical Requirements For Grinding MillDate:2018-12-15

Summary:Technical requirements for grinding mill for manganese ore processingSummary of contents: Most of the manganese ore milling equipment in the previous industry u

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Technical requirements for grinding mill for manganese ore processing

Summary of contents: Most of the manganese ore milling equipment in the previous industry used pendulum Raymond machines or rod mills. However, due to many shortcomings such as low output, high operating cost and serious pollution, these equipments are unable to meet the production demand, high quality and high pressure. The manufacturer of the mill produces high-quality and high-efficiency high-pressure suspension roller mills for MTM and MTW for manganese ore processing. This paper will briefly introduce the technical requirements for grinding mill used in manganese ore processing.

When the grinding mill is used for manganese ore processing, its technical requirements are as follows:

1. The general ore has a particle size below 25mm, such as excessively reducing the hourly output.

2. The moisture content of the feed manganese ore is between 4% and 6%. If it is too high, the production output will be reduced. If it is too low, it is difficult to control the operation of the equipment.

3. The air volume of the grinding mill generally requires 35000~45000m³/h. If the wind speed and air volume of the mill are too large, the fineness of the product selected by the separator is coarse, otherwise it is small, and the output of the single machine is also smaller. low.

4, the pressure of the grinding roller is required to reach 8 ~ 10MPa, if the pressure is too large, the motor load increases, otherwise the material can not be fully polished. If the milling pressure is too large or too small, it is not conducive to the production of the mill, so that the wear ratio of the grinding mill is increased or the output is reduced, so the high-pressure suspension roller mill cannot be economically operated.

5, the best speed of the mill separator is 100 ~ 150r, the higher the speed, the finer the product size, and vice versa, the coarser the particle size of the product, the speed of the variable frequency motor can be controlled to control the speed of the separator, when the separator speed and the grinding When the air volume of the machine is coordinated with each other, the performance of the separator can be fully utilized.

6. Start each process equipment according to the driving sequence. The feeding amount during the feeding operation is 50%~60% of the normal feeding amount, and the separator is adjusted to the high rotation speed. According to the sample analysis result of the product (powder), if the particle size is too fine The separator speed can be gradually reduced until the product size reaches the required level. If the product has a coarse particle size, the air volume of the vertical mill system can be appropriately reduced. The amount of feed, the amount of grinding pressure, and the amount of ventilation in the mill are closely related to the production capacity of the mill. Only when the coordination between them is in good condition can the technical performance of the vertical mill be fully utilized.

Note: The above is a brief description of our grinding mill technology requirements for manganese ore processing. Please indicate the source if you have any reprint. If you have any other questions or want to buy our grinding machine, you can contact us at any time. At the same time, you are welcome to visit our company at any time.

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