Stone Moisture Affects The Output Of Vertical MillDate:2018-12-13

Summary:Introduction: The output of the vertical mill is a problem we are very concerned about in production. It is also affected by many factors, one of which is the m

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Introduction: The output of the vertical mill is a problem we are very concerned about in production. It is also affected by many factors, one of which is the moisture of the stone. Here we introduce this problem.

The production of vertical mills is generally very strict in terms of materials, operation, maintenance, etc., because these aspects will not only affect the production capacity, but also affect the quality of the finished products. It can be said that the overall production benefits It will have adverse effects, so the requirements for these aspects must be operated in accordance with the specifications. Here we will analyze the effect of the moisture of the stone on the mill output.

When the vertical mill is working, the required stone material is Mohs hardness below 5, density below 3.2, compressive strength below 150Mpa, non-flammable and explosive minerals, non-corrosive brittle materials and Powdery raw materials, and the water content can not exceed 6%. If this rule is violated in production, it will have a greater impact on production, not only the efficiency and finished product problems, but also the occurrence of failures, and thus the impact. To the end of life, so these phenomena are all issues that need our attention.

First of all, if the moisture of the stone is too large, it will increase the difficulty of production and increase the degree of wear of the parts, which is very unfavorable for its service life, and the wear of the various parts of the vertical mill increases during the production process. , will be prone to failure, it will increase the time of downtime maintenance, which has an impact on efficiency and increase in maintenance costs, so the treatment of moisture before feeding is very important; Secondly, if the moisture content is large, the material after the vertical mill is not discharged well, it is easy to cause the phenomenon of blockage, the occurrence of blockage, and we have a lot of understanding about the impact of production. The phenomenon that we need to deal with in time, this also illustrates the importance of moisture content; the article mainly introduces the influence of stone moisture on the work of vertical mill, mainly in two aspects, one is worn Increase, first, the phenomenon of blockage, no matter which one is bad for the efficiency of production, we need timely treatment, so it is better to treat the water before feeding to ensure the nature of the feed. Reasonable, then can guarantee a smooth production process.

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