Replacement of wear parts for grinding millDate:2018-11-08

Summary:Summary of contents: grinding mill has good performance and is a widely used equipment in the milling industry. However, if it is not properly maintained, the w

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Summary of contents: grinding mill has good performance and is a widely used equipment in the milling industry. However, if it is not properly maintained, the wear parts will be damaged due to loss during long-term work, affecting the mill. The use effect, so often replace the grinding mill parts, help to maintain the grinding strength of the mill, this article will briefly introduce the replacement of wear-resistant materials for grinding mill.

As a high-quality mill manufacturer, we have produced a new type of grinding mill. This type of mill uses a 6-roller co-grinding method to improve the grinding quality of the material. When the number of grinding rolls on the grinding disc increases, the corresponding The grinding area of ??the material will increase, the grinding quality and particle size will be optimized, and the material will be fully ground to ensure the quality of the material and improve the working effect. Therefore, the industrial version of the European version of the mill can effectively solve the corrosiveness of industrial raw materials. The problem of strong hardness can also simplify the replacement complexity of the worn parts, reduce the noise and other functions, and thus improve the working effect of the grinding equipment. The specific replacement steps for the wear parts are as follows.

According to the roller grinding principle of the grinding mill, in the process of grinding the roller mill, the material will produce a sliding effect in the mutual pressure between the grinding roller and the grinding disc, and then friction occurs. If the mill is always in the state of load carrying, the friction between the grinding disc and the grinding roller is continuously increased, which causes continuous vibration problems, resulting in a large degree of wear of the wear components, affecting the use effect of the mill, and solving the grinding of the material. The problem of frequent powder replacement and frequent replacement of worn parts, the new grinding mill has made the following changes:

1. When the mill is working, the wear structure is in the normal working position, and the pressure can be applied by the hydraulic system to continuously press the grinding wheel to crush the material; when the wear parts of the grinding disc and the grinding roller need to be replaced At this time, the hydraulic cylinder will produce a shrinking effect, lift the grinding roller, and relax the twisting point.

2. The joint between the hydraulic cylinder and the grinding roller is rotated to the lower side of the grinding roller, and then the wear component is removed from the device to replace the roller skin. At the same time, the wear plate on the grinding disc is quickly released. Replacement of worn parts.

Through the above two methods, the rapid replacement of the wear components of the grinding mill can be realized, thereby saving the operating cost and downtime of the mill, to improve the overall production efficiency, please indicate the source, and you are welcome to do our products. Better understanding of.

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