Raymond Mill Dust RemovalDate:2019-06-22

Summary:Raymond Mill Dust Removal EffectThe dust removal of Raymond Mill is the dust removal part of most manufacturers. In the early grinding production line, the envi

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Raymond Mill Dust Removal Effect

The dust removal of Raymond Mill is the dust removal part of most manufacturers. In the early grinding production line, the environmental protection was not up to standard, and the dust pollution was serious. In response to the call for environmental protection and emission reduction, the bag filter began to be used with the Raymond mill to reduce the amount of dust emission and make the production line environmentally friendly. However, after years of feedback, the effect of dust removal is not very good, because its air permeability and dust removal effect have an important relationship, then what if the pulse dust removal effect is used? Of course, this effect is quite Ok, the dust removal pulse of the Raymond mill is better than the bag.

With the development of technology, pulse dust collectors with excellent dust removal effects are used in the milling process, such as pulse dust collectors. It makes the grinding production and processing environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In the Raymond mill mechanism powder production line, the whole mill production line is a circulating air seal structure. While the fan is continuously blowing to the circulation system, the excess air volume must be eliminated in time. Otherwise, the pressure of the circulation system increases and the wind will not flow normally. The excess wind must be removed in time. In the process of elimination, a large amount of dust will be accompanied. Here, a bag filter or a pulse dust collector is needed to filter the powder, and at the same time, it does not block the flow of air. If the dust is required to be high, a pulse dust collector should be applied to the milling line. The Raymond mill has been improved on the basis of tradition, and it has adapted to the market demand and has made excellent preparations for the increasingly demanding milling companies.

  1. Adopt special technology such as trapezoidal working face, flexible connection, grinding roller linkage
  2. Compared with the traditional Raymond mill, it reduces the sliding speed of the material between the grinding ring, prolongs the rolling time of the material, and improves the fineness and output of the product.
  3. At this time, the grinding roller is compacted on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force. When the grinding roller wear ring wears to a certain thickness, it does not affect the output and particle size of the finished product, and solves the short replacement period of the wearing parts. Disadvantages.
  4. Secondly, the Raymond mill is more efficient than the ball mill, with a small footprint, low energy consumption and low investment.
  5. How to adjust the particle size at the same time, the finished product size can also be adjusted according to the powder requirements, which can fully meet the needs of users.

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