PF series Impact Crusher OutputDate:2019-09-22

Summary:7 aspects of the production of PF series impact crusherWhen the PF series impact crusher is produced, its output is an important issue. After summarizing, it ca

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7 aspects of the production of PF series impact crusher

When the PF series impact crusher is produced, its output is an important issue. After summarizing, it can be solved from seven aspects to solve the production problem. Let's analyze it.

The PF series impact crusher is a single-rotor production equipment. It has a crushing chamber. In the production of materials, the same demand is for the production capacity. The rated capacity of the machine is certain, but it is often difficult to reach the rated value. So how should we increase our production as much as possible?

Pay attention to the choice of PF series impact crusher. It has different models. When selecting, you can select the appropriate model according to the material, construction period, etc., and then combine the parameter table, pay attention to the quality and performance of the equipment.

Secondly, before the output, the installation and commissioning of the impact crusher must be in place, and then the test operation, so as to ensure the correctness of the installation, and the parameter debugging is in place, can reduce a lot of trouble in the production line.

The third point is the feeding problem of the PF series impact crusher. The requirements of the size, humidity and hardness of the different types of machines are in a specific interval. When entering, the range cannot be exceeded. Otherwise, It will increase the difficulty of production, and will also cause malfunctions such as blockage, which is very unfavorable for productivity.

impact crusher

The fourth point is the operation problem. The operation mode of the PF series impact crusher must be correct in the production. For example, the set feed speed can not be too fast or too slow, and the continuous and uniform feeding is the smooth production. Necessary condition.

The fifth point is that the maintenance and overhaul problems of the PF series impact crusher will be subject to certain wear due to the force exerted in the production. Reasonable lubrication can reduce the degree of such wear, and regular replacement is very important.

The sixth point of the fineness of the discharge, in general, the material produced by the main impact crusher can meet the market demand, if the required fineness is large, the production capacity will decrease.

Seventh, the PF series impact crusher is in production. For some hard-to-wear materials, grinding aids can be used to reduce the difficulty of grinding and improve the efficiency of the equipment.

The article introduces from seven aspects, how to improve the production of PF series impact crusher in production, mainly in the selection, operation, maintenance and other aspects, these aspects are to improve efficiency by reducing the fault, extending the life and other principles.

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