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Summary:Why is the price of sand and gravel aggregate rising? One of the reasons is the strengthening of environmental protection management. Some companies that fail t

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Why is the price of sand and gravel aggregate rising? One of the reasons is the strengthening of environmental protection management. Some companies that fail to meet environmental protection standards are shut down. The amount of stones and sand flowing into the market will decrease, and natural prices will rise. However, many people who see business opportunities have joined environmental protection production The aggregate industry, after all, is very profitable, so this is only a secondary reason. In fact, the important reason is that the market demand has increased greatly, and the stone making machines and sand machines have entered a round of fanaticism.

The sand and stone industry is currently in a situation of strong demand and unstable supply. Judging from the current situation, infrastructure construction has always played a supporting role in the demand for sand and gravel, and the proportion of infrastructure construction in the demand for sand and gravel will continue to expand. Infrastructure construction has become an important means for stable economic growth. Stone and sand are irreplaceable basic raw materials.

How much is a stone machine, sand machine?

When the tide of infrastructure construction is approaching, how to buy a cost-effective stone making machine or sand making machine? What are the prices? This is a question that many users care about, so I will answer it for everyone.

mobile Crusher

In fact, the prices of different stone making machines and sand making machines are different. Here we introduce them to fixed and mobile. The fixed type is generally cheaper, but because the processed stone is different, the selected equipment is different, such as There are cone-shaped stone making machines that specialize in processing hard stones, and there are also impact-type stone making machines that are suitable for processing soft stones. Different stone materials have different equipment and prices are different.

Mobile manufacturing stone machine and sand machine use more materials and more complicated technology, but it is very convenient to use. Therefore, its price is relatively expensive and the starting price is 500,000 to 600,000. However, mobile equipment does not require infrastructure. It is especially suitable for the current business opportunities. The earlier the production, the more you earn. Although the fixed stone machine has less investment, the infrastructure takes more time, delays business opportunities, and is not conducive to transition. Therefore, if the venue is more flexible, It is strongly recommended that you choose a mobile stone machine or sand machine.

With the advent of infrastructure construction, the sand and stone industry may enter another round of fanaticism. The sand making machine and sand machine will really stage a "fire in winter", and its price should be based on the actual production configuration. It ’s a good time to buy cost-effective equipment.

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