Maintenance Of The Blade Of The Vertical MillDate:2018-11-29

Summary:Guide: The blade of the vertical mill has a huge impact on the production process, but its contact with the material will cause damage, so pay attention to the

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Guide: The blade of the vertical mill has a huge impact on the production process, but its contact with the material will cause damage, so pay attention to the maintenance of the part during normal times, then how to maintain it?

The vertical mill plays an extremely important role in the grinding process of minerals. It is welcomed by the industry and has made great contributions to the development of the milling industry. The mill is mainly used to produce fine powder. The equipment, in the production line, fully exerted its own advantages: high efficiency, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection, easy maintenance and operation, which have greatly expanded the application range of the machine.

In recent years, the development of China's milling industry has been very rapid, because the development of construction, chemical and other industries has promoted the development of milling, which has made the grinding machine including vertical mills better applied. In order to better meet the production needs, the mill has produced many different models. There is a certain gap in the performance of these machines, but no matter which model, the production process requires the cooperation of the various accessories.

Vertical mills have a wide range of accessories and play a variety of roles in production. The blade is a fitting that comes into direct contact with the material. It shovel the material and feed it between the grinding rings. Grinding is extremely important for the overall production process, so it is necessary to maintain the parts to prevent malfunctions and affect the production efficiency of the equipment. There is friction between the blade and the material of the vertical mill. The long-term production is easy to cause deformation and fracture. At this time, the production efficiency will be affected. To solve this problem, it needs to be repaired according to the wear condition. If the wear is too severe, you need to replace the new parts. When you use them normally, you need to maintain the parts by some maintenance means.

Regular maintenance of the blade during normal times, mainly on a regular basis. If problems are found and resolved in a timely manner, do not ask small problems for big problems, then consume more maintenance costs, and pay attention to the choice of materials, if the materials are reasonable. The part will be damaged much less.

The blade of the vertical mill introduced above is in friction with the material during production, so it will be subject to wear. In normal times, it should pay attention to regular inspection and timely repair. The selected materials should be reasonable and the hardness should not be too large. , do not contain impurities to prevent the phenomenon of increased wear.

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