Impact Crusher PriceDate:2019-09-25

Summary:In the consultation process of the manufacturer of the impact crusher, the common problems are “how to sell the impact crusher”, “how is the quality”, etc.

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In the consultation process of the manufacturer of the impact crusher, the common problems are “how to sell the impact crusher”, “how is the quality”, etc. These different problems are faced when purchasing, this article What is to be analyzed is how to sell.

The impact crusher is now more used in the market, and many customers have more understanding of the machine, but whenever the purchase is made for the machine, the price problem cannot be ignored. Because this has a lot to do with the cost of investment, how can the aircraft be sold?

We know that different manufacturers produce different types of impact crushers. This is because the factors affecting the price are different. Therefore, to understand the price of the machine, you need to understand the influencing factors of the price. Here is to analyze the common factors. What are the influencing factors?

First, the relationship between manufacturers and prices

The manufacturers in the market are roughly divided into two categories: direct-selling manufacturers and distributors. Generally, the former has strong strength, and has independent research and development, design, production, and sales capabilities. It directly sells equipment to users, and the market price is equivalent to the ex-factory price. There is no profit margin, so it is more affordable; on the contrary, the latter is to buy equipment from the big manufacturers at low prices, and earn the difference before they are sold to customers;

Second, the relationship between quality and price

impact crusher

The quality of the impact crusher has a great relationship with the production cost invested in the production. Generally, the excellent quality requires a better material and the casting process. These are all costly. At this time, different quality, the price It will be different;

Third, the relationship between model and price

The impact crusher is of many different types. Different models have different performances in production, which can bring different benefits to the processing of materials, which makes the price have certain differences;

Fourth, the relationship between market and price

Here mainly refers to the impact of changes in the market economy, changes in supply and demand, etc. on the price of impact crushers. Generally speaking, as the economic level continues to rise and prices rise rapidly, its prices will also have a certain upward trend. In addition, the more manufacturers, When the supply is greater than the user's demand, the manufacturer will moderately lower the price; otherwise, the price will increase;

The article mainly introduces the problem of how to sell the impact crusher. The above mainly introduces the four factors related to its price. Understand the influence of these factors on the price, in order to better understand how to sell the machine.

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