Impact Crusher InstallationDate:2019-02-23

Summary:How to install the impact crusher is reasonable? How long does the consumables last? How to replace? 7 installation points and replacement method of wearing par

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How to install the impact crusher is reasonable? How long does the consumables last? How to replace? 7 installation points and replacement method of wearing parts.

Before we pushed a few articles about device installation for you, many users find it useful, let us share some more. Today, I have compiled the installation points of the impact crusher and how to replace and install the wearing parts. I hope to bring you some help.

Impact crusher installation points

1. The installation and construction personnel should be familiar with the structure, performance and technical requirements of the product, understand the necessary operating specifications, and formulate appropriate installation procedures in advance.

2, the installation site needs to have enough lifting equipment for lifting equipment.

3. Before the equipment is installed, the reserved operation space of the equipment foundation and the coordinate position of the anchor bolt reserved hole shall be carefully checked and shall comply with the general plan of the equipment and the relevant basic design data. The longitudinal and transverse basic coordinates (vertical and horizontal axes) of the equipment are the centerline of the equipment and the axial center of the rotor, respectively. The deviation of the center position of each reserved space and the anchor hole reserved hole shall not exceed б└10mm.

4, the body installation. The crusher must be installed on the reinforced concrete foundation. The foundation height, depth and area should be calculated separately according to the local soil conditions. The installation dimensions of the machine can refer to the foundation map. This unit can also be mounted on a steel frame. The base surface is required to be straight, the intersection of the body and the foundation shall not be ashed, and the anchor bolts shall be tightened repeatedly. There should be enough space in the lower part of the foundation to install the conveyor and equipment for maintenance. A vibration absorbing material should be filled between the equipment and the foundation. The position of the motor of this machine can be arranged left and right. The conventional product is on the right side of the main unit. If there is any change, the supplier should be informed when ordering.

5. When installing, replacing or adjusting the hammer, pay attention to the weighing of the hammer. The weight difference of the symmetrical position plate hammer should be controlled to the minimum state.

6. Before running for the first time and after a long time, check the clearance between the lower edge of the impact and the upper part of the hammer. Make sure that the last impact is in clearance with the hammer.

The factory clearance is adjusted to:

The gap between the front counter-rack lining and the plate hammer is 60mm;

The back counter lining plate and the plate hammer have a gap of 30mm.

European version of the three-chamber impact:

The gap between the first counter frame and the plate hammer is 120 mm;

The gap between the second impact and the plate hammer is 60 mm;

The gap between the third impact and the plate hammer is 40 mm.

European version of the two cavity impact:

The gap between the first counter frame and the plate hammer is 240-300 mm;

The gap between the second counter frame and the plate hammer is 80 mm.

The correct clearance is to ensure safe and efficient operation of the equipment.

7. In order to prevent the impact crusher from being damaged by external hard objects, the hopper should be installed on the casing. Similarly, the chute of the crushed material to the belt conveyor should be installed at the lower part of the discharge port of the crusher.

Replacement and installation of consumables

When replacing consumables, first open the rear shelf. This machine uses a screw or hydraulic flip device. When using, first remove the connecting bolts between the racks, then operate the handles on the flip device at the same time on both sides, and then open the rear upper frame slowly, and then open to the position shown in the figure, after replacing the wearing parts, again The above process is repeated using the flip device, that is, the upper shelf is closed.

In the impact crusher, the plate hammer and the impact plate are the main wearing parts. The following are the replacement and installation methods of the plate hammer and the impact plate:

Plate hammer replacement

When the hammer is worn to a certain extent, it should be adjusted or replaced in time to avoid damage to the fasteners and other components.

Open the rear shelf with a screw or hydraulic flip. Turn the rotor by hand, turn the hammer to be adjusted or replaced to the access door, and then secure the rotor with a safety device. Remove the hammer hammer positioning parts: first remove the positioning baffle, loosen the bolt set, and finally use the holes at both ends of the hammer to lift the hammer head, and then press the hammer head in turn.

Pay special attention to the approximately equal weight of the plate hammer installed in the relative position to avoid unbalance during operation. Severe vibration will greatly affect the life of the bearing. The device is not working properly.

Impact replacement

  1. 1. Open the rear upper frame and remove the nuts and bolts used to counter the lining plate to replace the worn back lining. If you install a new counter lining, reverse the above steps.
  2. 2. Adjust the linings to open the rear shelves. All linings are allowed to be interchanged in areas with heavy wear and lighter wear. When a lining is worn out on only one side, it can be rotated 90бу or 180бу to continue to use. When a backlog of material is found on the counter-attack to catch the counter-attack, washers and bolts can be used behind the lining on the side of the counter-attack. And reduce the gap to avoid this phenomenon.

Proper installation is a prerequisite for efficient production of the impact crusher. After the installation is completed, the impact crusher should be inspected (whether the foreign body and materials in the crusher body, the fasteners are firm, etc.) and the test run (empty load and load test run), to ensure normal production can begin. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to communicate.

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