Impact Crusher HammerDate:2019-01-09

Summary:The role of plate hammer in impact crusherThe production of impact crushers requires the cooperation of various components. Plate hammer is one of them. The rol

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The role of plate hammer in impact crusher

The production of impact crushers requires the cooperation of various components. Plate hammer is one of them. The role played is to participate in the crushing process. How to improve the quality to help the production better? In the production of impact crusher, for the fine crushing of any kind of material, it is necessary to cooperate with various parts and components. There are many kinds of internal parts, each of which plays a different role and is indispensable. It is one of them. In the process of production, it directly participates in the material crushing process.

Specifically, when the impact crusher is working, the function of the hammer is to bounce the material to the crushing zone. This effect will cause it to be subjected to a large force. Therefore, it can be seen from the description that the mass is A very important factor, it is related to the smoothness of production, then how can we improve the quality of the part? Nowadays, there are many materials in the market. When the manufacturer designs the impact crusher, the materials selected are different, then it will have different effects. Therefore, in order to better carry out the production, it is generally possible to select those wear resistance comparisons. Good, structurally strong material.

When the impact crusher manufacturers produce plate hammers, there are three kinds of materials to choose from: high manganese steel, alloy steel materials, high chromium cast iron, which are different in terms of wear resistance and toughness, so different choices, Different equipments will be made. Generally, the toughness of high manganese steel is very good. The alloy steel materials have high toughness, low cost and good wear resistance. The high chromium cast iron has a long service life, but its toughness is not good. It is easier to break, which is their advantage and disadvantage. According to this description, a better choice can be made.

The above is the role of the plate hammer in the impact crushing machine, and the material it should choose when it is produced. It lists several commonly used materials on the market and analyzes its advantages and disadvantages. Now it is produced. It is used in the high manganese steel reinforced plate hammer, which is beneficial to improve the wear resistance and life, and facilitate the smooth production.

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