Impact Crusher Delivery StepsDate:2019-01-10

Summary:Steps required for the impact crusher at the time of shipmentWhen the impact crusher is purchased, in addition to the purchase of equipment performance, it is a

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Steps required for the impact crusher at the time of shipment

When the impact crusher is purchased, in addition to the purchase of equipment performance, it is also necessary to pay attention to the delivery process. This process needs to ensure that it is not damaged. Here is to introduce the need for delivery. A step of.

The delivery process of the impact crusher, if the operation is not suitable, may have an impact on the integrity of the equipment, so we must follow the steps to improve the delivery process, try to ensure that the machine is needed in production. The integrity of the accessories, as well as their damage during transportation, in view of these requirements, we will analyze here, what problems are required in the delivery process.

1. The lifting problem needs to be solved, because the impact crusher belongs to large-scale mining equipment, its own weight is relatively large, and the lifting process is required. Therefore, the problem that needs to be paid attention to in this process is that the lifting machine used must be able to bear the weight of the machine. Then, before lifting, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to carry out a certain bedding for the delivery vehicle, mainly to lay a relatively soft material on the top, so as to prevent the damage problem occurring during transportation, and it is more secure for safety;

2. After the impact crusher is in good condition and loaded into the delivery vehicle, we need to determine the route problem in advance. The determination of the route can better reduce the transportation time and problems that may occur during transportation.

More than just the process of delivery, we need to be cautious about the many man-made aspects of the impact crusher, because the specific process used has a great impact on its performance, such as the material handling capacity of the material. If the hardness requirement is 1, the hardness of the material we add is 2, which not only fails to achieve the desired production effect, but also causes damage to the equipment, so the operation is very important.

The article mainly introduces the operations that the impact crusher needs to carry out when it is delivered. It is mainly two aspects, one is the process of loading to the delivery car, and the other is the determination of the route. Good delivery, now the development of the aircraft is relatively mature, the application in the market is also more extensive, its advantages make the equipment has better customer recognition, but the performance of the best machine, if not pay attention to its Operational problems, etc., can not bring good benefits to production, so we must pay attention to the operation, maintenance, installation and transportation processes in production, so as to better ensure the integrity of the equipment and Its performance is played.

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