How Much is a Stone Crushing MachineDate:2019-12-17

Summary:Stone is basically the main source of construction aggregate now, but if stone is to be used as construction aggregate, it needs a special stone crushing machin

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Stone is basically the main source of construction aggregate now, but if stone is to be used as construction aggregate, it needs a special stone crushing machine. Given that many users have recently joined the stone production plant, they are very concerned about how much special stone crushing machinery is. Taiwan, here will explain for everyone.

What are the special stone crushing machines

There are two types of special stone crushing machines, which can be divided into crushing equipment and sand making equipment. Each type has different machines. The details are as follows:

Special crushing machine for crushing stones

Because the size and soft hardness of the stones are different, many crushing equipment for crushing stones have appeared:

  1. For large stones, it is necessary to use a jaw crusher. The large feed port of the jaw crusher has high crushing force, and even stones of about 1200㎜ can be solved;
  2. For hard stones, the laminated crushing cone crusher is specially designed for hard stones, such as large-scale production of high hardness stones such as pebbles and basalt;
  3. For soft stones, we have to recommend an impact rock crusher for everyone. The impact rock crusher is both crushing and shaping, and the shape of the output grain is very beautiful;
  4. General crushing production line, if the particle size is moderate, cone crusher or impact crusher can be used alone, but the stone size of the stones mined from the mountain is relatively large. Generally, the two machines are used together, such as jaw crusher. + Cone crusher, jaw crusher + impact crusher, etc., but there are exceptions, you can use the hammer crusher with one molding, the hammer crusher has a large crushing ratio, one molding, save costs, compare production lines simple;

Stone Crusher

For the crushing of more complicated stones on the site, a mobile stone crusher can be used. It is a special stone crushing machine composed of the fixed stone crusher and mobile rack introduced above. In particular, the crawler mobile lithotripsy can climb uphill and turn on the spot. In addition, it has a diesel generator set, which can be used for both oil and electricity. Therefore, it solves many difficult problems for users. One of the machines.

Special sand making machine

The particle size of the sand is very fine, which means that the particle size of the material is very small. Therefore, the outlet of the sand making machine is small and the inlet is also small. There are also many options for the sand making machine:

  1. Both the hardness and softness can be selected. The sand making machine can be used. The feed opening of the sand making machine does not exceed 55㎜. Its output range is 12-650t / h. It can be produced in small or large scale. Shaping, the finished product is mostly cube;
  2. Both hard and soft, specialized for small-volume production, or a double-roller stone crusher can be used. The feed inlet can not exceed 30㎜, the output range is 5-110t / h, the output particle size can be controlled, and the outlet adjustment range is 2-10㎜;
  3. For soft materials, a fine crusher can be used. Its output is relatively fine. The output range is 10-310t / h. The performance is reliable, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. It is especially suitable for sand making of soft materials. You can also use a composite crusher, which has a production range of 5-100t / h and a high sand formation rate. Generally, no screening machine or purlin is used, but the output is sand with uniform particle size.

Also like the crushing machine, the sand making machine also has mobile equipment, but there are only two types of fixed special stone crushing machines above that can be made mobile, namely mobile sand making machines and mobile fine crushers.

How much is a special stone crushing machine

The above has introduced in detail several commonly used special stone crushing machines. Each kind of equipment has its own characteristics and handles different stones, so the price of different machines is different. And each machine has different models, different models, different benefits for users, and the cost invested by the manufacturer varies, which means that even the price of the same type of machine is different.

Generally, the price of large-scale stone crushing machines is more expensive than that of small models, and mobile is more expensive than stationary. Therefore, there are tens of thousands of specialized stone crushing machines and millions of them. Everyone Can choose according to the actual production situation.

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