Grinding Disc And Grinding Sleeve For Vertical MillDate:2018-11-29

Summary:Introduction of two kinds of wear parts for grinding disc and grinding roller sleeve of vertical millGuide: There are two main wear parts of the vertical mill:

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Introduction of two kinds of wear parts for grinding disc and grinding roller sleeve of vertical mill

Guide: There are two main wear parts of the vertical mill: grinding discs and grinding roller sleeves. In addition to these two main wear parts, there are some other wear parts, just because they are not directly in contact with the material, and wear. It is slower and will not be told here.

In the crushing and grinding equipment, there is a general name for the parts, wear parts. Generally speaking, the wear parts mentioned in the crushing and grinding machinery are not parts that are easy to wear, but mainly the parts that are in direct contact with the materials. Other parts such as bearings can also wear out during machine work, but because they are not in direct contact with the material, the wear level is not as serious as the wear parts, so in our consideration, they are generally not wear-resistant. Pieces. According to the above explanation, in the vertical mill, the main wear parts are two: grinding disc, grinding roller sleeve.

In a vertical mill, the disc is not an integral system. It consists of a piece of curved patch mounted on the disc unit of a vertical mill. The installation method of the grinding disc is convenient for the replacement of the wear parts, and the other is to make the wear of the wear parts low. When one of the grinding disc components is worn, it is only necessary to replace the piece. All are replaced, which can save costs and improve the overall service life of the grinding disc. In the case of an entire grinding disc device, when one of the points is severely worn and the other parts are not seriously worn, all of the same is required for the grinding work, which increases the operating cost of the machine.

The mill sleeve in a vertical mill is a device that is placed in front of the roller unit and in direct contact with the material. Grinding sleeves in vertical mills should not be special, as they are found in equipment containing grinding rolls, such as trapezoidal mills and ultrafine grinding machines. The main function of the mill sleeves is to protect the rolls from wear. In the vertical mill, the grinding roller is passively moving. When the material enters the grinding disc, it enters the grinding roller under the action of centrifugal force. Because the grinding disc rotates with the reducer, the grinding disc drives the material above to rotate, and the material and Friction between the grinding rollers drives the grinding roller to rotate. This is the way the grinding roller moves and is forced to move. The grinding roller is a structure with many combinations. If there is no roller sleeve protection, its wear will increase the operating cost of the machine. The overall replacement of a roller is much more expensive than the replacement of a roller sleeve.

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