Equipment For Silica Powder Production LineDate:2019-08-29

Summary:Quartz is an inorganic mineral with silica as its main component. It has a hard texture and can be divided into ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-

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Quartz is an inorganic mineral with silica as its main component. It has a hard texture and can be divided into ordinary quartz sand, refined quartz sand, high-purity quartz sand, fused silica sand, etc. For its processing, it generally requires a quartz mill. Or the quartz production line can be used for milling, and then applied to more different production areas, with different particle sizes, different mesh sizes, and different production uses.

The quartz mill produced by the manufacturer has obvious advantages in both the milling effect and the operation of the equipment:

  1. 1. The important parts of the silica powder production line equipment are made of thickened high-quality steel. The whole machine has high wear resistance and reliable operation.
  2. 2. The silica powder production line equipment optimizes the configuration of pipelines and fan systems, reduces windage and wall wear, and ensures stable and improved production.
  3. 3. The silica powder production line equipment can flexibly configure the transmission system according to the material or customer's special requirements to maintain a better grinding state.
  4. 4. Quartz Raymond Milling Machine has uniform powder, less dust and adjustable particle size.

Of course, for the selection of silica powder production line equipment, it is not necessary to choose Raymond mill. Customers can choose micro-grinding, ultra-fine grinding, etc. as quartz mill for their own production.

Quartz grinding production line

The specific configuration of the Silica powder production line needs to be determined according to the actual selection of the user. The production lines of different capacities and the selected equipment types will be different, and the configuration schemes of the production line are various, and the price will have a large difference. Different manufacturers will have different pricing for the equipment, different quality and different prices. We are a professional manufacturer, do our best to make equipment, mature technology, advanced technology, excellent quality, affordable price, the price is lower than the market price, and the purchase is more cost-effective.

Silica powder production line sand making process

Quartz sand processing technology has many kinds, here is the more common silica powder production line process and equipment configuration, the complete production line equipment mainly includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, round There are seven kinds of equipments for vibrating screen, feeder and conveyor. The specific process is as follows.


The first stage: primary crushing. The quartz sand is uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder, sent to the jaw crusher for primary crushing, and the fine quartz sand sieved by the primary crushed quartz sand and the circular vibrating screen is transported by the belt conveyor to the intermediate feed pile.

The second stage: medium and fine broken. The conveyor belt conveyor uniformly transports the intermediate material quartz sand to the cone crusher for fine crushing, and after crushing, it is sieved by a circular vibrating screen.

The third stage: finely divided plastic. After the medium-sized quartz sand is sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing, it is sieved by the circular vibrating screen. The larger-grained quartz sand is returned to the sand making machine and crushed again. The qualified products are sent to the storage pile storage by the belt conveyor, and the fine quartz sand is sent. Wash in the sand washer. It is the finished product.

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