Cobblestone Sand Production LineDate:2019-06-11

Summary:The cobblestone sand production line needs to be reasonably matched according to the actual output value. The customer purchases the cobblestone sand production

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The cobblestone sand production line needs to be reasonably matched according to the actual output value. The customer purchases the cobblestone sand production line. At the beginning of the design site, it is necessary to pay attention to the spacing between the equipment. If the placement is too dense, it is not conducive to the maintenance and repair of the equipment later; however, if the space is too large, this will increase the conveyor. The workload, the loss of the conveyor belt is large, thereby increasing the production cost investment. When configuring the sand production line, we must consider whether the floor space of the equipment is consistent with the actual site size. If it exceeds too much, it will cause waste of the site; but if it is not enough, it will make the production line uselessly.

When selecting the sand production line equipment, it is necessary to make reasonable selection according to the physical characteristics such as hardness, humidity and viscosity of different materials: for limestone, shale and other such vulnerable sandstone materials, it is recommended to choose jaw crusher of broken, counter-breaking and sand-making machine; for the processing of coarse sandstone materials such as granite and pebbles, it is recommended to use the combination of smashing and cone crusher and sand making machine, because different sandstone materials correspond to Physical characteristics are not the same.

Before starting the cobblestone sand production line, check the adjustable eccentric block of the two vibration motors, and the angle between the fixed eccentric block is the same, if it is inconsistent, and tighten the fastening bolts; the front and rear hooks are hung, and the feeding is required after installation. The machine is horizontally leveled, the center line of the upper interface funnel is aligned with the center line of the feed inlet of the feeder, and the feeder is fed to the medium and small interface to ensure that the entire feeder is in a free state; the feeder can be installed horizontally or at 0 -12, the range number indicates that the discharge end is lowered.) After installation, the probability of the body should not be horizontally oscillated. The motor current should meet the requirements, and the whole machine has no abnormal sound. Test start to see if the two vibration motors are turning the opposite direction. If the steering is not reversed, switch any two-phase wiring of any vibration motor.

Due to the expected output value of the cobblestone sand production line under different combinations, in order not to waste resources, but also to ensure the smooth production of the production line, it is recommended that users should make reasonable selection according to the actual output value when selecting the matching ratio.

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