Calcium Carbonate Mill Equipment ManufacturerDate:2018-12-21

Summary:With the rapid development of modern science and technology, heavy calcium carbonate has been widely applied in polymer composites , paint, fine paper and other

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With the rapid development of modern science and technology, heavy calcium carbonate has been widely applied in polymer composites , paint, fine paper and other industries , the market demand is rapidly increasing . Heavy calcium carbonate low hardness , low wear value , often used as an inorganic filler to increase the volume of products, reduce production costs. As one of the world's largest amount of paper and plastic industrial raw materials , the development prospects of heavy calcium carbonate should not be underestimated . " 2013-2017 China TSP -depth analysis of market trends and research report " shows that about 500 tons, an increase of approximately a year based on the current status of calcium consumption, and forecasts of future market demand for ultra-fine calcium carbonate daily 20% , with a very broad market prospects.

Mill equipment manufacturer

Due to the urgent needs of the market for heavy calcium carbonate powder , SBM respond quickly experienced engineers in the original mill on the efficiency and make the appropriate adjustment and optimization , heavy launch the GCC mill master. Our GCC mill milling using German advanced technology, manufacturing, made from high quality materials . It has many incomparable advantages , such as milling effect, through screening rate of 99% ; highly automated, enabling unmanned operation ; novel design, reasonable structure.

Calcium carbonate overpressure trapezium mill

One of the newest products with international advanced level , according to the user's use of the mill and recommendations , in high pressure hanging roller mill on the basis of updated improvements designed for the majority of domestic users with a new type , high efficiency, energy-efficient equipment for high fine powder of calcium carbonate , the model uses a trapezoidal face , flexible connection, roll linked pressure boost , etc. five mill patented technology, creating a calcium carbonate overpressure trapezium mill highest in the world . Solve the leakage of material phenomena occurs when calcium carbonate grinding to improve the grinding efficiency . Eliminating calcium pulverizing the impact of the spindle , extending the service life of the roller spindle . Greatly improving the accuracy and efficiency of the powder . Reduce the transmission of vibrations between each other mill, classifier , eliminating resonance.

Select the correct calcium carbonate mill

If you are looking for a calcium carbonate mill, no doubt SBM is your best choice. We introduced various types of calcium carbonate milling machine , you can according to their fineness, production needs to choose the corresponding products. You can also contact our engineers , they will carefully as you design a highly efficient calcium carbonate powder processing line.

As a professional manufacturer of heavy calcium milling equipment , we offer our customers a full range of after-sales service . We will send a trained engineer to the scene as you debug , installation of equipment , training of operators. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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