Basalt Artificial Stone CrusherDate:2018-11-07

Summary:Basalt ProfileBasalt is a mafic extrusive rock, mineral composition is mainly composed of mafic composition of feldspar and pyroxene, secondary minerals are oli

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Basalt Profile

Basalt is a mafic extrusive rock, mineral composition is mainly composed of mafic composition of feldspar and pyroxene, secondary minerals are olivine, hornblende and biotite. In the construction of highway, railway, airport runway, basalt stone is the best material to use, it has the advantage of other stone irreplaceable, it has wear, less drinking water, poor conductivity, resistance is strong, pressure broken value is low, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion of asphalt and other quality characteristics. Basalt on this versatile mineral, surely we are not unfamiliar. Current Basalt widely used in highways, airports, harbors, tunnels, bridges, reservoirs, ponds, basement, concrete pavement, subways, air defense projects, and other fields. According to experts, it has been widely recognized by the international community as was the construction of roads, railways, airport runways in the best stone material. Moreover, high-rise buildings or basalt aggregate lightweight concrete, since it has many pores and rigid properties, which blended in concrete, concrete can be made lighter, and yet sturdy, but also has insulation, insulation, and other advantages, favored by the major building materials market. Here to talk about what the main choice when machining basalt basalt artificial stone crusher better.

Stone Crusher Production Line

The stone crusher is mainly used in the stone production line. The stone production line is mainly divided into the ore crushing production line and the sand production line. The stone production line is to crush the stone, which can be used for mineral separation and the sand production. Our stone crusher can be effectively used to crush the materials with great moisture content, which can prevent the clogging phenomenon of the crusher. Our stone crusher can be suitable for crushing both the soft materials and the hard materials. The stone crusher produced by SBM has very great quantity of motion, which can be car hard materials with low energy consumption. Our stone crusher can conveniently and flexibly adjust the particle size of the discharging materials with wide adjustment range. The attrition of the wearable parts is little and the metal utilization is high. The replacement of the spare parts is simple and the maintenance cost reduces correspondingly.

Basalt hard and tough, high silicon content in the actual crushing operations more difficult broken, broken high cost. Thus, for basalt crushing process must be designed in consideration of the investment cost of the project broken, it must also consider the cost of production line. Basalt crushing operations, loss jaw plate, plate hammer, impact plate and other wear parts is very high. Basalt artificial stone crusher process design, as far as possible selection of laminated crushing principle device, in order to reduce the loss of wear parts.

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