LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill is a kind of high yield of coal powder equipment, drying, grinding, powder selection, promotion in one, especially in the large grinding process, fully meet customer demand, SBM main technology, economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. provide complete sets of equipment to the mining industry, to reduce the risk of users, and make due contributions to the development of China's coal industry.

Product Features: Higher capacity, better powder quality, more excellent comprehensive performances

Input Size: 0-10mm
Capacity: 5-18TPH
Material: Limestone, calcite, dolomite, petroleum coal, gypsum, barite, marble, talc, coal powder, etc.

  • Higher Yielding Rate, Better Quality

    In order to avoid materials’ long lingering time, repeated grinding, high iron content and other problems occurring during the grinding process of traditional grinding mills, SBM specially designed unique roller shell and lining plate grinding curve. This design is easier to generate material layer, and can realize high rate of finished products by once powder milling, which can greatly enhance the working efficiency of grinding mill and improve the whiteness and cleanliness of finished products.

  • More Energy-Saving Multi-Head Powder Separating Technology

    SBM adopted PLC control system and multi-head powder separating technology in this grinding mill, which completely solve two problems, i.e. “high-precision and accurate cutting powder diameter, and fast switch of different production demands”. Users can accurately control the grinding pressure, revolving speed and other equipment working parameters. Compared with common grinding mills, this grinding mill reduces the energy consumption by 30%-50%.

  • Double Position-Limiting Technology Makes Operation More Stable

    In the LUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill, the contact point between roller shell and millstone liner plate adopts electronic limiting technology and mechanical limiting protection technology, which can avoid the destructive impact (e.g. the grinding roller directly smashing the millstone) caused by machine vibration (e.g. machine vibration caused by mine explosion) and guarantee the operation stability.

  • Reversible Structure Gets Maintenance Easier

    During the design process of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Grinding Mill, SBM fully considered the maintenance problems which may be caused by heavy grinding roller, and finally developed and designed the reversible structure. Through this structure and hydraulic adjustment system, the operator can easily and rapidly move the grinding roller out of the body for checking and replacing roller shell and liner plate, and carry out other maintenance operations, so as to reduce the shutdown losses.

  • Digitalized Processing, Higher Precision

    There are tens of lines of numerical controlling machine tools. Operations such as steel plates’ cutting, bending, planing, milling and paint spraying are all controlled numerically. The machining precision is high, especially for the core parts.

  • Sufficient Supply Of Spare Parts, Worry-Free Operation

    SBM, whose businesses cover production and sales, takes responsibility for every machine produced by ourselves. We can offer customers technical services about products and original spare parts to ensure the worry-free operation.

The working principle of LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

The motor drives the disc through the speed reducer to rotate, and the hot air from the air inlet into the lum ultrafine vertical roller mill, the material from the feed opening falls on the disc center, under the action of centrifugal force, the movement of materials from the disc center to the edge of the grinding disc, the disc by an annular groove, the grinding roller compacted by and crushed.

vertical roller mill

crushed material continue to move to the edge of the grinding disc, until the wind ring away, and the large particles and fall into the disc to crush. In a flow of materials through the upper part of the separator, guide blades under the action of the cone bucket, crude material from a disc, a fine powder with air toghter grinding, dust collector is the collection, the powder is collected as a product in the vertical roller mill. The material is in contact with the shell in the process of drying gas, achieve humidity dry products required. By adjusting the separator guide blade angle and separator rotor speed, can achieve the required thickness of products.

Vertical Roller Mill machine structure

Mainly by the selecting powder machine, roll grinder, grinding disc device, a pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. Separator is a kind of high efficient, energy-saving powder selecting device. The grinding roller is used for compacted crushed parts of materials. Grinding disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer, is place the grinding roller compacted material. The pressure device is provide rolling pressure parts for grinding roller , provide enough pressure to the grinding roller to crush materials.

SBM formed with the manufacturing and development capabilities, engineering ability, has the innovation ability of the enterprise entity. SBM Vertical Roller Mill is your best choice.

LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill LUM Ultrafine Vertical Roller Mill

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